St. John Paul II Student Success Center

Mission Statement: The Guidance and Counseling Program at Helias Catholic High School seeks to positively impact the lives of our students by partnering with parents, community, faculty, and staff.  Our program seeks to help students find their purpose by merging their gifts and passions with the needs in the world.  Our program offers comprehensive planning and guidance services addressing student academic, spiritual, and career goals, while meeting their emotional, personal, and social needs.  We work to give students the opportunities to acquire the educational, social, and spiritual competencies necessary for their growth toward lifelong success in a diverse and changing world. 
Beliefs: Education is a responsibility shared by students, parents, staff, and community and is based on an atmosphere of mutual respect.
We believe that every student:

  • Has the potential for learning and for meeting high academic standards.
  • Has a unique set of individual needs that must be considered as he/she develops at his/her own rate.
  • Has God given gifts that must be explored, identified, nurtured and celebrated to help every student reach their purpose. 

We believe that the school counseling program should:

  •  Have a delivery system that includes school guidance curriculum, academic support, spiritual guidance, and social/emotional counseling.
  • Meet the comprehensive needs of all students.
  •  Support student academic, career, spiritual and personal/social development.
  •  Be both comprehensive and developmental in nature, proactive in design, and responsive to the changing needs of our students.
  •  Monitor student progress.
  • Use data to drive program development and evaluation.

Meet the Staff: (this is where we define roles of each counselor) this will allow students and parents to get to the right person.
Mary Flowers - Academic Counselor

  • Students with last names beginning with M-Z
  • Course information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • E2020 Online Courses Contact and Brigham Young Online Contact and Test Proctor
  • College/Tech School Applications and Completion and Transcripts requests
  • ACT Test Coordinator
  • Scholarship Coordinator
  • Counseling Web Site Coordinator
  • Awards Ceremony Coordinator

Dan Mathes - Academic Counselor

  • Students with last names beginning with A-L
  • Transcripts information
  • Course Information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • E2020 (online courses)  
  • Dual Enrollment
  • AP Courses

Jan Heislen: Academic Counselor

  • A+ Coordinator
  • College/ Career Readiness
  • Academic struggles

Maureen Quinn:  Campus Ministry

  • Service Hours
  • Service Projects (personal or through classes)
  • Campus Ministry Club
  • Mission Trips

Elizabeth Twyman - Accomodations Coordinator

  • Service Plan/ Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Documented health concerns
  • Academic struggles
  • Special Services request for testing

Josh Varner - Professional Counselor 

  • Social and Emotional concerns
  • Mental Health needs



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A+ Forms and Information

A+ PROGRAM is now available to Helias students.  The A+ program is a scholarship program specific to Technical Schools and Junior Colleges.  Students in GRADES 9-12 can apply to be a participant in the Helias A+ Program.  Financial awards can cover full tuition at a Junior College or Missouri Technical school AS WELL AS some of our Missouri 4 year institutions have partial scholarships available to A+ students.  If you'd like more information, see the information below OR you can contact Jan Heislen at:

A+ Information Sheet

A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Timesheet

A+ Application

Citizenship Agreement


FREE WEBSITE RESOURCE:  The website was created to help high school seniors compare the acceptance rate information for many of the popular colleges in the United States.


MISSOURI CONNECTIONS is a FREE Career and College Search Program that is offered by the State of Missouri.  This program is very appropriate for students in grades 9-12 and now also includes a LEARNING STYLES ASSESSMENT, ACT Prep, SAT Prep, ASVAB Prep, etc.  Log in at:   Username:  Helias    Password:  2viewmoc

SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER offers an ACT PREP prior to each of the ACT administrations.  For more information, call 636-1686 or visit:  

ACT PREP CLASSES through Julie Berhorst are now available.  Check out the details at:  or call Julie Berhorst at 573-690-7065.

FOCUS ON LEARNING is an ACT Prep organization that operates out of Columbia.  For more information, contact Focus on Learning at 573-875-5187.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI SYSTEM has joined the COMMON APPLICATION program which allows students to use the Common App to apply for the four campuses that make up the system:  UMC, UMSL, UMKC, and Missouri S & T.   STUDENTS WILL STILL BE ABLE TO APPLY to each of the institutions through the normal online application process as well.  The Common App is simply another option.

THE NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER has announced the new ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS for those enrolling at an NCAA Division II school on or after August 1, 2018.  To learn more, visit:

SUMMER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY with St. Mary’s Hospital Volunteer Services is beginning their recruitment for students between the ages of 13 and 18 interested in a HEALTHCARE related field.  The 8-week program allows students to volunteer during the months of their summer break.  Applicants must complete an application form which IS AVAILABLE in the counseling office.  The deadline to submit the application is May 5.
WEBSITE aimed at preventing substance abuse in high schoolers:


HELPFUL RESOURCE:  How College Transfers Work:  

VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS:  Scholarship Resource:;;
BTT Scholarship:;Studio Hair Salon Scholarship:; Professions that Pay for College Tuition:; Final Fantasy Scholarship: ; CG Studios:; COLLEGE PREP WEBSITE:; All Rowers Scholarship:
SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE has extended their scholarship deadline to July 1.  For more information, visit:
ROBERTS SCHNIEDERS SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship available to any graduating senior.  The application is available in the counseling office with an April 27 deadline.
RED CROSS  BLOOD DRIVE SCHOLARSHIP is available to a graduating senior who played any role in the Helias blood drives.  The scholarship is worth $750.  Applications are available from Mrs. Twyman with a deadline of April 27.
 THE HORATIO ALGER NATIONAL CAREER AND TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is a $2500 scholarship available to students who plan to pursue education in a 2 year or less career or technical degree program.  The application deadline is June 15.  To apply online, visit:

MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY CONFIRMATION FEE is a new requirement of students entering in the fall of 2018.  The fee confirms their enrollment and covers the cost of their summer orientation session.  The fee is refundable if the student cancels their application by May 1.  For more information, contact Missouri State’s Office of Admissions.

MISSOURI LEGISLATIVE BLACK CAUCUS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS for African American Students are based upon academic performance, community service, leadership skills and financial needs.  Applications are available online at:  The application deadline is May 15, 2018.
VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS:  Sleep Titan Scholarships:; Law and Justice Scholarship:  Criteria is GPA of 3.0 minimum, deadline May 31;  Hard Money Scholarship:; College Raptor Scholarship: ; My Vegan Life Scholarship:; Imagine America Foundation Scholarship: ; FP Essay Writing Scholarship: ; Aspiring Nurse Scholarship:

VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS:  -Garage Band Scholarship:; UEW Healthcare Scholarship:; Lead Roster Scholarship: ; Imagine America Scholarship: ; Logins Guide Scholarship:; Absolutely Outdoorsy Scholarship:

 VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS: For Sale Scholarship: ; General Financial Aid info:; ; Best Reviews Scholarship: ; Senior Advice Care Giver Scholarships: ;

VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS:  Used For Sale Scholarship: ; Asha 24 Scholarship: ; Artistic 31 Mama Scholarship: ;  My Happy Face Scholarship: ; 1500 Autolist scholarship: ;  Guide to Studying Abroad: ;

NORTHEAST CATHOLIC COLLEGE in Warner, New Hampshire, offers FREE ROOM AND BOARD (approx. $8000 per year)  To learn more, visit:

CENTRAL MISSOURI CPCU SOCIETY CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIP is a $750 scholarship available to a senior willing to write an essay on a topic having to do with Auto Insurance.  The application details are available in the counseling office with an April 27 deadline.

NORTHEAST CATHOLIC COLLEGE PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP is a $10,000 a year scholarship to Northeast Catholic College.  An essay is required.  To learn more, visit:

VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS: Beauty + Wellness Scholarship for Women: ; Design a Better Future  Scholarship is a $10,000 award: ;  Auto Transport Scholarship: ; Best Mattress Reviews Scholarship: ; College Student Donation Programs: ; Rental Scholarship:; Asha 24 Scholarship: ; Big Future:; : ; Student Scholarship Search: ; Niche:;  Broke Scholar:



GOT ETHICS?  BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU SCHOLARSHIP awarding $2500 to a recipient graduating in 2019.  An essay is required on an ethical dilemma  you have faced and how you resolved it.    The application is available at:   The deadline is June 22, 2018.

THE RACHEL CARSON HEALTHY PLANET AWARD AND SCHOLARSHIP, through Chatham University, is offered to juniors who show leadership and passion for sustainability and the environment, social justice and policy studies, or an interest in writing and the sciences.  In association with the Scholarship, students are also invited to participate in the SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY scheduled for July 8-14.  To learn more, visit:    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE NOMINATED for the AWARD and SCHOLARSHIP, see Mrs. Flowers by May 11.
KNOX COLLEGE in Galesburg, Illinois, invites you to check them out at:

DID YOU KNOW??????  That State Tech Salaries for students graduating in specific programs are:  Nuclear Technology $78,000, Electrical Distribution $77,000, Industrial Electricity $54,000 and Aviation Maintenance $52,000.  Learn more at:

THE UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON is participating in a program called Raise Me to help high school students raise scholarships while still in high school.  Awards are offered based upon high school performance.  To learn more, sign up at:
TULSA UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH CHALLENGE (TURC) recognizes high school juniors with outstanding potential for a career in research by providing opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects.  Research opportunities for the summer 2018 program span a range of disciplines and involve a variety of time commitments.  GPA requirements are 3.5 GPA or higher and an ACT composite of 28 or above.  For more information, visit:

SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY has a campus in MADRID, SPAIN.  Scholarships and Financial Aid apply to the Madrid campus as it would to the St. Louis campus.  To learn more, contact SLU at:

QUESTBRIDGE  is a program for low-income high school JUNIORS who are excelling academically.  Quest Bridge is a nationally recognized nonprofit that has connected thousands of high-achieving, low income students with full four-year scholarships to attend college partners.  An online application is available at:


AUDREY WALTON YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is a 3 day experience filled with exciting seminars based on building leadership skills, a team challenge course, and positive group interaction--with little cost to participants.  The conference will take place July 19-21 and is held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Applications are available in the counseling office with a May 25 deadline. 

COTTEY COLLEGE SUMMER WORKSHOP is a week long workshop where you’ll take interactive courses taught by Cottey professors, make friends from all over the world, and develop the skills you’ll need to lead boldly and build your own empire.  The workshop is scheduled for June 17-22.  Participants will be awarded a $3000 renewable scholarship to Cottey College.  Deadline to register is May 31.  Register at:  or call 417-448-1490.

MIAMI UNIVERSITY in Oxford, Ohio, SUMMER SCHOLARS PROGRAM is a 2 week program for students interested in exploring a topic of their choice alongside leading faculty and professional experts.  Application deadline is May 1.  For more information, visit:

TRULASKE BUSINESS ACADEMY at the University of Missouri/Columbia is scheduled to be held on June 24 thru the 30th.  The Academy is a pre-college summer program for minority students interested in BUSINESS.  You must have a 3.0 GPA or better to apply.  If selected, you will receive a scholarship that covers the cost of the program.  Applications are available in the counseling office with an April 5 deadline.

NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRE-COLLEGE gives rising juniors and seniors the amazing opportunity to spend their summer on NYU’s campus.  For six weeks, high schoolers can take college-level courses for credit, develop essay writing skills, and learn how to manage their time in college.  This program runs from July 1-Aug. 11.  Scholarships are available for those who apply by April 1.  For details, visit:

OZARK TECHNICAL COLLEGE DISCOVER DATE has been set for Friday, April 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the Springfield campus.  Contact OTC at:

MIZZOU MEDPREP: MEDICAL EXPLORATIONS is a series of workshops designed to assist individuals in exploring healthcare careers and guide those interested in medical school through the application process.  THIS IS A 2 WEEK ONLINE SUMMER WORKSHOP which includes a one-day campus workshop in Columbia or Springfield, Missouri.  The online workshop will be held June 10-25.  The onsite session is June 22 in Columbia or June 25 in Springfield.  The fee is $60.  For information and details visit:

JACOBS UNIVERSITY SUMMER CAMP is an International Summer Camp in Bremen, Germany from July 29 and August 4.  Cost is approximately $500 for room and board and excursions.  To learn more, visit:

ELMS COLLEGE in Chicopee, Massachusetts invites you to take a look at their institution
which was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph. For more information, visit:
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA invites students to take a tour and discover what they
have to offer. To set up a tour and learn more, visit:

 MILLS COLLEGE in Oakland, California, invites students to check out what they have to offer at:

NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY invites you to take a look at their scholarship offerings and programs of study:


Did you know that McDonald’s has a variety of INCENTIVES and SCHOLARSHIPS available to those who work for McDonald’s in high school and college?  For local information on their ARCHWAYS TO OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM, contact Kylie Doerhoff at 573-680-5484.

 CORNELL UNIVERSITY SUMMER COLLEGE offers acclaimed precollege programs for motivated high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Sessions can be 2, 3, or 6 week programs and are offered between June 23 and August 7.  To learn more, visit:


 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SUMMER EXPERIENCES PROGRAM offers a variety of opportunities to middle and high school students during the summer months.  Sessions include: Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Creative Writing, Humanities, Global Leadership, Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and Young Leaders.  GPA requirements and ACT scores required for some programs.  To learn more, visit:



MIZZOU COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND NATURAL RESOURCES is offering a variety of SUMMER OFFERINGS for high school students to explore Mizzou and different career fields.   LIFE SCIENCE QUEST is an academy for students interested in agriculture and how it impacts our daily lives.  The academy will run from July 22-26 and is FREE.  You must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior to apply.  APPLICATION DEADLINE is April 15.  Apply online at:
YOUTH VOLUNTEER CORPS creates volunteer opportunities for students ages 11-18 to address community needs and to inspire them for a lifetime commitment to service.  This organization will be in Jefferson City for 3 weeks this summer.  For more information and to sign up, visit: or call 816-472-9822, ext. 207

READING SKILLS AND SPEED READING PROGRAMS through Saint Louis University will be offered through the summer months.  Programs range in age from 4 years old thru adult.  For more information, call:  1-800-964-9974.
WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY SUMMER CAMPS are available to students in grades 4-12.  For full program information, visit the summer camp website at: or call 309-298-1911.

GRAMMY CAMP LOS ANGELES is scheduled for July 17-21.  The Grammy Camp offers hands-on career training, learn from industry experts, performance and music business tracks and financial aid options.  The application deadline is March 31.  Visit:
SCREENWRITING AND FILMMAKING CAMP at the University of Tulsa is available during 2 weeks of July.  For application and additional information, visit:   Application deadline is May 23. 
COLUMBIA COLLEGE SUMMER CAMPS are available to students in grades 3-12.  For more information, visit:
BELMONT ABBEY COLLEGE in North Carolina SCHOLA program is a high school summer program taking place during 3 separate sessions in July.  This is an opportunity to engage in a rich schedule of academic, cultural, and recreational activities centered on lively seminars discussing several of the great books of the Western World.  For details, visit:

2018 EMERGING LEADERS CONFERENCE  is scheduled for June 24-27 and is to be held at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.  Selected applicants will participate in a range of activities focused on exploring and debating community issues, diverse political perspective and the legislative decision-making process.    The application OPENS on March 1 with a deadline of April 13.  Interested?  Visit:
EXPERIENCE FASHION through the eyes of a College Student in the FIDM Summer Program which will be held in the state of California.  To learn more, check out:
THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA  Department of Film Studies offers residential screenwriting and filmmaking camps.  Screenwriting Camp is July 8-14; Filmmaking Camp is July 14-21.  To learn more, e-mail:
THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA offers a variety of SUMMER PROGRAMS in Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Summer Advancement.  To learn more, visit:
UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME FORCE FOR GOOD FILM FESTIVAL is a competition for students in grades 9, 10 and 11.  Using your cell phone, you are invited to submit a 5 minute video with positive messages.  Winners will have their films screened at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center and may be eligible to receive a full scholarship to the Notre Dame Summer Scholars Program.  The deadline for the film submission is April 2.  Complete details at:

 PRATT INSTITUTE PreCollege Courses for High School Students in ARCHITECTURE, ART, DESIGN, FASHION, CREATIVE WRITING, AND MORE are available in the summer beginning July 2.  For details, visit:

UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAMS are week long programs held at the University of Rochester.  You are invited to join other high school students from around the world, participating in one-week courses, credit courses or intensive programs in BUSINESS, ENGINEERING, FILM, MEDICINE, AND PATHOLOGY.  To learn more, visit:   or contact
OXBRIDGE ACADEMIC SUMMER 2018 PROGRAMS: These programs are students ages 12-18 and offer programs in BUSINESS AND FINANCE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS.  To learn more, visit:  or call 1-800-828-8349.

STANFORD PRE-COLLEGIATE STUDIES is a program open to students in grades 7-12.  If interested, check out:

DUKE UNIVERSITY SUMMER SESSION offers incredible opportunities for high school students:  Summer College Application-4 weeks of undergraduate level work; Summer Academy Application-3 week program taking a certificate course; Intensive STEM Academy--a 1 week STEM based program that consists of a variety of laboratory tours, faculty lectures and workshops.  To learn more, e-mail:

CARNEGIE MELLON SUMMER PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAMS run from June thru August and deal with Advanced Placement, Early Admission, Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, Drama, Music, etc.  For more information and details, visit:

DUKE UNIVERSITY SUMMER SESSION is held at Duke University in North Carolina.
Variety of programs offered are: Summer College, Summer Academy, and Intensive
STEM Academy. To learn more, email: or visit:
CORNELL UNIVERSITY SUMMER COLLEGE offers 2,3, or 6 week programs in Architecture,
Business, Computer Science, Debate, Design and Fashion, Engineering, Government,
Hotel Management, Medicine, etc. To learn more, visit:
open to juniors and seniors and runs from June 23 to July 7 th ; Leadership Seminars
offered to juniors and runs from July 14 to Jul 25; Study Abroad: Rome is open to Juniors
interested in an immersive Italian experience runs from June 2 thru June 16 and Study
Abroad: Ireland is open to juniors and will run from July 14 to July 28 traveling through
Ireland. To learn more about these programs, visit:

COLBY COMMUNITY COLLEGE in Colby, Kansas, offers programs for students who LOVE
TO WORK WITH ANIMALS by being trained through their Veterinary Technology
Program, the Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate, and the Pre-Veterinary Medicine
major. To learn more, visit: or contact Dr. Jennifer Martin at 785-
460-5466 or

 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SUMMER EXPERIENCES are available to all students.  Learn more at:

MILLS COLLEGE in Oakland, California is striving to make education affordable by reducing their tuition by 36%.  To learn more, visit:

YALE YOUNG GLOBAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM offers seven unique interdisciplinary sessions over the course of the summer.  To learn more, visit:



Classes with this designation are offered at Helias which allow your student to earn college credit through a university.


Students in the 11th or 12th grade with an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 are automatically eligible for dual credit.
Students in the 11th and 12th grades with an overall grade point average between 2.5-2.99 must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor and provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
Students in the 10th grade must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 and must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor and provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP English, must have scored an 18 on the English ACT exam.  Students must provide a copy of their ACT when they turn in their registration form.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP Chemistry or Chemistry must have scored an 18 on the Math ACT exam or a 23 on the Lincoln University math placement test.  A copy of the ACT must be included with application form.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP Physics or Physics must have scored a 22 on the Math ACT exam or a 33 on the Lincoln University math placement test.  A copy of ACT must be included with application form.

Students signing up for dual enrollment in a Math class must take the Lincoln University Math placement test.  If a student took Acc. Pre-Calculus last year for dual credit, they can sign up for dual credit in AP Calculus.  If they didn’t take Acc. Pre-Calculus for dual credit, they must

These are some good questions to ask when considering these classes:

Will the college a student attends accept credit for this class? Note: you will need to give them the name of the class at Lincoln University not Helias Catholic.

Will the credit go toward my general education requirements or will it be an elective credit?  What tmajor in is probably the most important factor in determining this.

Will the grade earned for the dual credit class at Helias Catholic become part of my college grade point average?  

Can I get in writing via a letter or e-mail that the college will accept the credit?         


Computer Applications                BED 208 Integrated Comp. App.
AP English                                     ENG 101 & 102 Composition & Rhetoric I & II
AP American History                    HIS 205 & 206 US History I &II
Physics & AP Physics                    PHY 101/101L & 102/102L College Physics I & II
Acc. Pre-Calculus                         MAT 121 Pre-Calculus Math
AP Calculus BC                             MAT 123 & 124 Calculus I & II    
AP Calculus AB                             MAT 123 Calculus I
Chemistry                                     CHM 101/101 Lab General Chemistry
AP Chemistry                               CHM 101/101 Lab General Chemistry        
Chemistry II                             CHM 102/102L General Chemistry II
AP Am. Government                    PSC 203 American National Government
AP Spanish                                   SPA 230 Intro to Spanish Composition
College Algebra                           MAT 156 & 157 College Algebra (with Truman State)   
Leadership                                   Coach Rulo will provide information for Leadership class (Westminster College)

AP exams are given the first two weeks of May each year.
This year the cost of an AP exam is $94.
AP exams are scored 1-5, with 5 being the best score.
The score that is needed to get credit is up to each department at that college or university. Colleges will usually have a page on their website showing a list of what score is needed for receiving credit.
You get only one shot at taking an AP exam.   It is not like the ACT that you can take several times and then take your best score.
Sign up for AP exams will be the first of March
AP Exams that are usually given at Helias Catholic:
Psychology                                                            Biology
English Literature and Composition                 Physics C: Mechanics
English Language and Composition                 Physics C: Electricity
Macroeconomics                                                 Spanish Language
Microeconomics                                                  Chemistry
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Physics 1: Algebra-based
Physics 2: Algebra based
United State History
United States Government and Politics

CLASS                   CREDIT HOURS             SIGN UP
AP English           3 each semester          At the start of each semester
AP Am. History   3 each semester          At the start of each semester
AP Physics           4 each semester          At the start of each semester
Physics                 4 each semester          At the start of each semester
Computer App.  3 hours                         Start of semester enrolled
AP Calculus BC   5 each semester           At the start of each semester
AP Calculus AB   5 hours                          At the start of 2nd semester
Acc. Pre-Cal         5 hours                        At the start of 2nd semester
AP Am. Govt.       3 hours                         Start of semester enrolled
Chemistry II        4 hours                          Start of semester enrolled
AP Chemistry      4 hours                          Start of each semester
Chemistry            4 hours                          At the start of 2nd semester
College Algebra   5 hours                         At the start of each semester    
Leadership          3 hours                          Start of semester enrolled in
AP Spanish           3 hours                   At the start of 2nd semester



There are many individuals at Helias who are anxious to help you make these next four years successful: Mrs. Quinn (Campus Minister); Ms. Fuemmler (Principal); Fr. Jones (President); Sr. Jean (Asst. Principal); Mrs. Twyman (Accommodations Coordinator); Mr. Varner (Social/Emotional Counselor) Mr. Mathes (Counselor) ; Mrs. Flowers (Counselor); Fr. Viviano (Helias Chaplain); Mrs. Rogers (Secretary); All the teachers and staff at Helias.

Mrs. Twyman is our Accommodations Coordinator and she is available Monday thru Friday to meet with you to discuss learning difficulties that you might be experiencing. Mr. Varner can help with your social and emotional needs.  Mr. Mathes and Mrs. Flowers are your Academic Counselors.  You are assigned a counselor by virtue of your last name.  If your last name begins with A thru L, then your counselor is Mr. Mathes.  If your last name begins with M thru Z, then your counselor is Mrs. Flowers.  You may discover that you feel more comfortable with one counselor over the other, there is no problem with switching counselors.  All you need to do is request this change.  We will see all freshmen during the month of September and then throughout the year as time allows.

  1. APPOINTMENTS are set daily.  To request an appointment, simply sign up on the clipboard outside the counselor’s office.  Typically, you are seen the day after you request an appointment.  If there is an emergency, we can see you right away.
  2. STUDENTS see their Counselors for a number of reasons—for example:

-If you want to discuss scheduling classes for the next semester or year
-If you want to discuss changing a class that you are currently taking because it is too difficult or too easy
-If you or your teacher feel that you may need to work with a tutor
-If you think you might benefit by having your tests read orally or taken in a quiet space, we can help facilitate
-If you are ready to begin the college search or career search process, we have great resources to share with you
-If you are having difficulties with family, friends, teachers, other students, etc., come see us and we will try to work out a solution to the conflict

Mrs. Twyman, Mr. Varner, Mr. Mathes, Mrs. Flowers are here for you!  Our job is to make these four years of high school go as smoothly as possible.  When you are experiencing difficulty, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help you.