New year, new journeys

Dear Helias Catholic community,

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

How was your Christmas? Were you able to be with family and friends, or did something — perhaps omicron —  keep you separate from one another? Whatever your particular circumstance was over the past two weeks, I hope you were able to experience the beauty and joy of the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

My wife and I are blessed to be the parents of two daughters — one in her last semester of college and the other entering the second semester of her sophomore year.  Although it has been almost 22 years since our first daughter was born, I remember so clearly the first hours and days of my daughter’s life.  The surreal experience of witnessing my daughter’s birth, my wife’s strength and endless love in giving birth, the immediate moments after her birth, and the euphoria mixed with anxiety are all still so very clear to me. Imagine what Mary and Joseph must have experienced when Jesus was born. What were they feeling and thinking? Did they comprehend the miraculous birth of the son of God? I place myself in the moment of the birth of Jesus and let my feelings and thoughts carry me toward God.  

Perhaps you, too, have spent time reflecting on the birth of Jesus. Perhaps you, too, have thought of the birth of your own child or children. Perhaps you have even thought about your own birth and the miracle of life that came from the love of God. Whatever your thoughts and feelings are during this week, I pray that at some moment you may be touched by a deeper awareness of the miracle of God becoming one of us. Emmanuel … God with us!

As I write to you, the first school prayer of the new semester has concluded, first period has begun, and we are off together on the journey that awaits us in the new year. Thank you for continuing to be a part of our journey at Helias Catholic! May Jesus bless you with His love today.  My prayers and the prayers of the Helias Catholic community remain with you and your loved ones.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!


John Knight