We Will Overcome

A letter from a Helias Freshman Dear COVID-19, No one saw you coming. No one thought you would ever shut our world down. No one thought you would be a heartbreaker of your own. You have impacted our whole universe, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Seniors may never walk across the stage to … Continued

Speaking the Language of Love

Spring is in the air, and so is LOVE… do you know your teenager’s love LANGUAGE? When your daughter gets a good grade on a test and you shower them with words of praise does she shrug her shoulders and head for her room? Or you come home from a business trip and your son … Continued

Five Ways a Student’s College Choice Needs to Fit Them

An excerpt from the book When to Do What, A Step by Step Guide to the College Process by Joann Korte Elliott   Academically School should be ‘comfortably challenging’. You want them to find a school that is going to challenge them academically, but not overwhelm to the point of frustration or dropping out Like … Continued

May Your Heart Be Open — by Fr. Christopher Aubuchon

Fr. Aubuchon’s story is below in his own words: I was raised near Hermann, MO, about twelve miles south of town on my family farm nearest Swiss, MO. I grew up in my Catholic Faith at St. George Parish in Hermann, MO and received my elementary and middle school education at St. George School. I … Continued

Study Strategy by Mrs. Jan Heislen

Studying effectively can be a challenge all its own. We have provided some tips for parents and students to work together to make the most of study time and be prepared when the test arrives. Preparation helps to ease anxiety and help calm nerves; giving students confidence and focus when they need it!   Get … Continued

Have you heard about Finsta?

Instagram is a photo-sharing app which allows people to keep up with friends, family, coworkers or even other professionals through picture posts and stories. Instagram is very popular among teens and TBH (to be honest), some even have more than one account, often referring to their real Instagram account, related to their real name as … Continued

An Eighth Grade Girl with a High School Decision

by Reese Hamilton It was the year I was going into eighth grade when it came time for me to finalize my decision of which high school I would be attending. I was pretty set on Jefferson City, mainly because that is where the majority of my friends were going. There was about a 5% … Continued

Ron Vossen, Helias teacher & legend

Mr. Ron Vossen, a 2017 Inductee to the Helias Foundation Hall of Fame, has dedicated his entire professional career to Helias Catholic High School. During his 38 years he has been a leader among the faculty and staff at Helias and a virtual legend among the students. He has taught mothers and their sons, uncles … Continued