President’s Blog – Dec. 8, 2022

One of the highlights of this school year so far was Oct. 21, when we gathered alumni from the classes of 1957-61 and former Crusader football players who were part of Coach Jack Schnieders’ teams legendary 32-game winning streak. What stood out the most was the love and friendship those players still have for one another as well as their classmates in attendance.

President’s Blog – Dec. 5, 2022

Over the past week I have been reflecting on the Second Coming of Jesus as part of our Advent journey. Part of my reflection has focused on the Kingdom of God and all that means to me. It is certainly easy for me to fall into a state of wonder, excitement and joy as I imagine how the Kingdom of God will look.

President’s Blog – Nov. 28, 2022

My prayer for each of us is that we take time to reflect on the great gift of the birth of Jesus. I pray, too, that we take the time to prepare our souls for the reality that Jesus will come again. 

President’s Blog – Nov. 21, 2022

This school year so far has been filled with many joyful and memorable moments. Each of these moments has been filled with the presence of God, alive and calling us closer to Him.

President’s Blog – Nov. 14, 2022

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Winter is approaching. Advent is almost here. Just like that, we are moving quickly toward the end of our first semester – incredible how quickly time flies.

President’s Blog – Oct. 31, 2022

Halloween. All Saints’ Day. All Souls’ Day. Whatever your memories of today and the coming days might be, I hope your home is filled with a spirit of gratitude and love.

President’s Blog – Oct. 20, 2022

We are blessed at Helias Catholic to accompany students on their faith journey. We need to give young people an experience of God: we need to help young people see God alive in their daily lives.

President’s Blog – Oct. 10, 2022

I often tell our students they are with us for four years as a student but they are with us for the rest of their lives as an alumnus. The Helias Catholic legacy lives on in the men and women who have walked the halls of our school since its inception in 1956.

President’s Blog – Oct. 3, 2022

At Helias Catholic High School we introduce our students to the importance of slowing down and taking time to look for God in the midst of their daily lives.