Regular grading scale: AP course grading scale:
100-93 A 4.0 100-90 A 4.0
92-90 B+ 3.7 89-87 B+ 3.7
89-87 B 3.4 86-84 B 3.4
86-85 B- 3.0 83-80 B- 3.0
84-81 C+ 2.7 79-77 C+ 2.7
80-78 C 2.4 76-74 C 2.4
77-75 C- 2.0 73-70 C- 2.0
74-73 D+ 1.7 69-67 D+ 1.7
72-71 D 1.4 66-64 D 1.49
70 D- 1.0 63-60 D- 1.0
69-0 F 0 59-0 F 0


Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement courses (AP) are college-level courses taught by Helias Catholic teachers during the regular school day. AP courses may be granted college credit pending the student’s scores on the AP Exam established by the College Board at the end of the school year and at the discretion of the college attended by the student upon graduation. Students are not required to take an AP class in order to take an AP Exam, although it is highly recommended. Students may also take an AP course without taking an AP Exam. AP Exams are administered at Helias Catholic in May; the cost per exam is $87 to be paid by the family.

Dual Credit (DC)

Dual Credit courses (DC) are college-level courses taught by Helias Catholic faculty as both college and high school credit. Through approval from local colleges and universities, Helias Catholic faculty teach the course in accordance with each college’s approval. In order to earn college credit, students must meet the criteria of the accrediting university and pay the established fees as set by each institution. It is highly recommended that parents attend the beginning of the year Dual Credit enrollment meeting.

Credit Recovery

If a student fails a class, the credit can be recovered in a number of ways. First, students can re-enroll in the class. Second, students can attend summer school if offered. Finally, in certain circumstances, students may be allowed to do online coursework to earn credit.

Student Accommodations

Helias Catholic is committed to assisting every student to grow academically, spiritually and socially. We request that any parent with concerns about their student’s learning challenges contact the school’s accommodations coordinator with information that might assist us in helping their child at 573-635-6139.