Student Success Team

There are many individuals at Helias who are anxious to help you make these next four years successful:

Mrs. Twyman (Accommodations Coordinator)

Mr. Varner (Social/Emotional Counselor)

Mr. Mathes (Counselor)

Mrs. Ralston (Counselor)

Mrs. Heislen (A+ Coordinator and Counselor)

Mrs. Kampeter (School Nurse)

Mrs. Twyman is our Accommodations Coordinator and she is available Monday thru Friday to meet with you to discuss learning difficulties that you might be experiencing. Mr. Varner can help with your social and emotional needs.  Mr. Mathes and Mrs. Ralston are your Academic Counselors. Mrs. Heislen is the A+ coordinator in assisting with academic counseling.  Mrs. Kampeter, our school nurse assists with any medical issues or illness.

  1. APPOINTMENTS are set daily.  To request an appointment, simply sign up on the clipboard outside the counselor’s office.  Typically, you are seen the day after you request an appointment.  If there is an emergency, we can see you right away.
  2. STUDENTS see their Counselors for a number of reasons—for example:
  • If you want to discuss scheduling classes for the next semester or year
  • If you want to discuss changing a class that you are currently taking because it is too difficult or too easy
  • If you or your teacher feel that you may need to work with a tutor
  • If you think you might benefit by having your tests read orally or taken in a quiet space, we can help facilitate
  • If you are ready to begin the college search or career search process, we have great resources to share with you
  • If you are having difficulties with family, friends, teachers, other students, etc., come see us and we will try to work out a solution

COUNSELING OFFICES are in the JPII Student Success Center.