Student Success Center

The Guidance and Counseling Program at Helias Catholic High School seeks to positively impact the lives of our students by partnering with parents, community, faculty, and staff.  Our program seeks to help students find their purpose by merging their gifts and passions with the needs in the world.  Our program offers comprehensive planning and guidance services addressing student academic, spiritual, and career goals, while meeting their emotional, personal, and social needs.

Beliefs: Education is a responsibility shared by students, parents, staff, and community and is based on an atmosphere of mutual respect.
We believe that every student:

  • Has the potential for learning and for meeting high academic standards.
  • Has a unique set of individual needs that must be considered as he/she develops at his/her own rate.
  • Has God given gifts that must be explored, identified, nurtured and celebrated to help every student reach their purpose.

We believe that the school counseling program should:

  •  Have a delivery system that includes school guidance curriculum, academic support, spiritual guidance, and social/emotional counseling.
  • Meet the comprehensive needs of all students.
  •  Support student academic, career, spiritual and personal/social development.
  •  Be both comprehensive and developmental in nature, proactive in design, and responsive to the changing needs of our students.
  •  Monitor student progress.
  • Use data to drive program development and evaluation.

Meet the Staff: (this is where we define roles of each counselor) this will allow students and parents to get to the right person.

Jan Heislen - Counselor

  • Students - Last Name A-He
  • Naviance Coordinator
  • College/ Career Readiness
  • Naviance Coordinator
  • Sophomore Pilgrimage
  • Academic Struggles

Lacy Ralston - Counselor

  • Students - Last Name Hi-Ph
  • Course information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • ACT Coordinator
  • E2020 Online Courses Contact and Brigham Young Online Contact and Test Proctor
  • NCAA School/Class Profiles
  • ASVAB Coordinator
  • Nichols Coordinator
  • Girls State/Boys State
  • Awards Ceremony Coordinator

Whitney Toosley- Counselor

  • Students - Last Name Pi-Z
  • PSAT Coordinator
  • Course Information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • Missouri Scholars Academy
  • Dual Enrollment Coordinator
  • AP Test Coordinator

Maureen Quinn and Maggie Crider:  Campus Ministry

  • Service Hours
  • Service Projects (personal or through classes)
  • Campus Ministry Club
  • Mission Trips

Elizabeth Twyman - Accommodations Coordinator

  • Service Plan/ Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Documented health concerns/Social & Emotional Concerns
  • Academic struggles
  • Special Services request for testing
Career Guidance Information
Career & College Resources


NAVIANCE offers students a means to investigate careers, colleges, and participate in interest and career assessments.  Parents and students can access NAVIANCE accounts from home in addition to the time spent with the program in school.

SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER offers an ACT PREP prior to each of the ACT administrations.  For more information, call 636-1686 or visit:

ACT PREP CLASSES through Julie Berhorst are now available.  Check out the details at:  or call Julie Berhorst at 573-690-7065.

FOCUS ON LEARNING is an ACT Prep organization that operates out of Columbia.  For more information, contact Focus on Learning at 573-875-5187.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI SYSTEM has joined the COMMON APPLICATION program which allows students to use the Common App to apply for the four campuses that make up the system:  UMC, UMSL, UMKC, and Missouri S & T.   STUDENTS WILL STILL BE ABLE TO APPLY to each of the institutions through the normal online application process as well.  The Common App is simply another option.

Scholarship Information is available at the following link.    CLICK HERE TO VIEW.  There are two tabs with scholarship information: Local Scholarships and National Scholarships. This information will be updated regularly as scholarships become available. An email will be sent to students when new scholarships have been added to the scholarship link.

Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement

Classes with this designation are offered at Helias which allow your student to earn college credit through a university.


Students in the 11th or 12th grade with an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 are automatically eligible for dual credit.
Students in the 11th and 12th grades with an overall grade point average between 2.5-2.99 must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor and provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
Students in the 10th grade must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 and must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor and provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP English, must have scored an 18 on the English ACT exam.  Students must provide a copy of their ACT when they turn in their registration form.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP Chemistry or Chemistry must have scored an 18 on the Math ACT exam or a 23 on the Lincoln University math placement test.  A copy of the ACT must be included with application form.
Students signing up for dual enrollment in AP Physics or Physics must have scored a 22 on the Math ACT exam or a 33 on the Lincoln University math placement test.  A copy of ACT must be included with application form.

Students signing up for dual enrollment in a Math class must take the Lincoln University Math placement test.  If a student took Acc. Pre-Calculus last year for dual credit, they can sign up for dual credit in AP Calculus.  If they didn’t take Acc. Pre-Calculus for dual credit, they must

These are some good questions to ask when considering these classes:

Will the college a student attends accept credit for this class? Note: you will need to give them the name of the class at Lincoln University not Helias Catholic.

Will the credit go toward my general education requirements or will it be an elective credit?  What tmajor in is probably the most important factor in determining this.

Will the grade earned for the dual credit class at Helias Catholic become part of my college grade point average?

Can I get in writing via a letter or e-mail that the college will accept the credit?


Computer Applications                 BED 208 Integrated Comp. App.
AP English                                     ENG 101 & 102 Composition & Rhetoric I & II
Dual Cr. Amer.History                  HIS 205 & 206 US History I &II
Physics & AP Physics                    PHY 101/101L & 102/102L College Physics I & II
Acc. Pre-Calculus                          MAT 121 Pre-Calculus Math
AP Calculus BC                             MAT 123 & 124 Calculus I & II
AP Calculus AB                             MAT 123 Calculus I
Chemistry                                      CHM 101/101 Lab General Chemistry
AP Chemistry                                CHM 101/101 Lab General Chemistry
AP Am. Government                     PSC 203 American National Government
AP Spanish                                    SPA 230 Intro to Spanish Composition
Pre-Calc./College Algebra            MAT 121 Pre-Calculus


AP exams are given the first two weeks of May each year.
This year the cost of an AP exam is $96.
AP exams are scored 1-5, with 5 being the best score.
The score that is needed to get credit is up to each department at that college or university. Colleges will usually have a page on their website showing a list of what score is needed for receiving credit.
You get only one shot at taking an AP exam.   It is not like the ACT that you can take several times and then take your best score.
Sign up for AP exams will be the first of March
AP Exams that are usually given at Helias Catholic:
Psychology                                                        Biology
English Literature and Composition                 Physics C: Mechanics
English Language and Composition                 Physics C: Electricity
Macroeconomics                                               Spanish Language
Microeconomics                                                Chemistry
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Physics 1: Algebra-based
Physics 2: Algebra based
United State History
United States Government and Politics

CLASS                   CREDIT HOURS             SIGN UP
AP English           3 each semester          At the start of each semester
Dual Credit
Am. History       3 each semester             At the start of each semester
AP Physics           4 each semester            At the start of each semester
Physics                 4 each semester            At the start of each semester
Computer App.    3 hours                          Start of semester enrolled
AP Calculus BC   5 each semester            At the start of each semester
AP Calculus AB   5 hours                         At the start of 2nd semester
Acc. Pre-Cal         5 hours                         At the start of 2nd semester
AP Am. Govt.       3 hours                         Start of semester enrolled
AP Chemistry      4 hours                          Start of each semester
Chemistry            4 hours                          At the start of 2nd semester
College Algebra  5 hours                         At the start of 2nd semester
AP Spanish           3 hours                       At the start of 2nd semester

Request a Transcript

If you need a copy of your transcript and you are a current student at Helias, please click on the link to fill out the form and submit it. - TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FOR CURRENT STUDENT - CLICK HERE.

If you need a copy of your transcript and you are a former student or graduate of Helias, there is a $5 fee.  You must pay the fee through our online payment in order for the transcript to be sent.  Make sure to put Transcript Request in the Note field of payment form.  Please complete both steps through the links below in order to receive a copy of your transcript.


Guideline to College Financial Aid