Faith & Service

Campus Ministry at Helias Catholic High School strives to support the faith formation of the students, staff and school community by providing opportunities which lead to a deeper awareness of the message of God’s love and opportunities for worship, supporting the formation of a community of faith, and the promotion of service as a way of life.


  • Daily Mass is offered each school day in St. Pius X Chapel (Monday at 8:25 am and Tuesday-Friday 7:25 am)
  • All School Masses are held monthly in the Old Gym.

Adoration and Reconciliation

  • Eucharistic Adoration is offered at least once a semester.
  • The All School Day of Reconciliation is offered in Advent and Lent.


  • Every student is required to complete 50 hours of service by the end of 1st semester Senior Year. Hours completed must be turned in at the end of each academic year.
  • Service hours can begin after 8th-grade graduation.
  • Students will use MobileServe to record service hours. This database can be accessed via App or Website and login information will be given once students are registered.
  • For service hours to be approved, hours must be verified in one of the following ways:
      • Email verification on MobileServe
      • 2 forms of verification on MobileServe besides Email verification
      • Service Hours form found on the Helias Website
  • All service is to be completed at non-profit agencies. This includes schools and churches.
  • Any student who completes more than 100 hours in 1 year or 500 hours over 4 years of high school will receive special recognition.

All-School Retreat

SCHEDULE: Please note the school day will be from 8 am until 3:30 pm. See detailed schedule below so you know what your child will be up to and where they will be throughout the day.

7:00-8:00 am — Bring Donated Items to the Commons (see SNACK REQUEST below for more information)

8:00 am — Students Report to Helias Family for Attendance

8:10-9:00 am — Welcome and Opening Mass in Fieldhouse with music led by Oddwalk Ministries: We will have a collection to support our classmate, Jacob Gladbach (see COLLECTION below for more information)

9:00 am-3:30 pm — Individual Class Retreats

Freshman Retreat: Be Courageous in Relationships

Location: St. Martins Knights of Columbus Hall (girls)/McClung Park (boys)

Led By: Helias Staff and Senior Students

Lunch: Taco Bar (girls)/Hot Dogs (boys)

Sophomore Retreat: Be Courageous in Community

Location: Old Gym

Led By: Dan Huss, Youth Minister from St. Louis

Lunch: Chick-fil-a Sandwiches

Junior Retreat: Be Courageous to Live in Freedom

Location: Capital City Christian Church

Led By: REAP Team from St. Louis

Lunch: Pizza

Senior Retreat: Be Courageous in Service

Location: Jefferson City Community and Fieldhouse

Led By: Community Service in the Community followed by Oddwalk Ministries

Lunch: Pulled Pork

SENIOR PARENTS: Please remember to turn in a letter to your Senior by Sept. 5, (see email from Mrs. Quinn for details)

MEALS: Lunch will be provided at each class retreat. If your child has an allergy and is unable to eat what is served, please email Mrs. Quinn so another meal option can be prepared.

SNACK REQUEST: We ask each family to donate ONE item for retreat day. This helps us keep costs down while still providing adequate snacks and refreshments for the day. All snacks should be delivered to the Helias Commons on the day of retreat.

  • A-G     Water (one 24 pack of water bottles)
  • H-L     Chips (one bag of chips or 12 individual packages of chips)
  • M-S     Cookies or Brownies (12-24 precut brownies or cookies in disposable container)
  • T-Z      Veggie Tray (one small veggie tray to feed 6-12 people in disposable container)           

COLLECTION: We will have a collection during Mass to support one of our own who will not be able to join us on this day, Jacob Gladbach, who is a Freshman and fighting against ALD . We will collect money to help the Gladbach family with expenses. Our Mass will be offered up for Jacob as he continues treatment in St. Louis. We will collect money through Thursday, September 13 or donations can be made at on our website.

DRESSCODE: Dress code for the day is gym shorts, sweat pants or jeans with tennis shoes and house t-shirt (provided). We ask that shorts be of modest length (gym-class-approved-length shorts). NO leggings, spandex, short shorts, sagging shorts, etc. If dress code is not followed, students will be required to sit in office until proper dress code is brought to school. Also students out of dress code the entire day will be required to attend the makeup retreat on Oct. 1 (the Monday after Homecoming).

ATTENDANCE: Attendance at the Retreat is required. If a child is unable to attend, a makeup retreat will be held on Monday, October 1, the day after the Homecoming Dance.

Mission Trips

  • Mission of Witness
    • March for Life Trip: A group of students attends the March for Life at Washington D.C. in January.
  • Mission of Evangelization
  • Steubenville Conference: Steubenville Conference is July 13-15, 2018 in Springfield, MO. Incoming freshmen are invited and encouraged to contact Maureen Quinn for more information!
  • Mission of Service
    • Mission Trips: Opportunities to serve in a community outside of our own (both day trips and overnight)
    • Service Opportunities in our local community

Campus Ministry

Dear young people, Jesus gives us life, life in abundance. If we are close to him we will have joy in our hearts and a smile
on our face.

– Pope Francis

Campus Ministry at Helias Catholic High School strives to support the faith formation of the students, staff and school community by providing opportunities which lead to a deeper awareness of the message of God’s love and opportunities for worship, supporting the formation of a community of faith, and the promotion of service as a way of life.

Mrs. Maureen Quinn: 635-6139

Sacramental Life and Prayer Opportunities

Mass is normally offered each morning in our school chapel. While students and staff are welcome to participate on any day
of the week, each day is designated for members of a particular class to participate as readers and servers. Masses are
designated as follows:

  • Monday – freshman class – Mass at 8:25
  • Tuesday – sophomore class – Mass at 7:25
  • Wednesday – junior class – Mass at 7:25
  • Thursday – senior class – Mass at 7:25
  • Friday – teams, activities and clubs – Mass at 7:25

In addition to daily Mass, we have All School Masses at various times throughout the year. These are held in the Helias Old Gym at 10:20 AM. All are invited to join us for these celebrations. All school liturgies for 2016-2017 are:

  • Monday, Oct. 3- Homecoming Week
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1, Solemnity of All Saints
  • Thursday, Nov. 17 – Grandparent’s Day Mass
  • Thursday, Dec. 8 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
  • Friday, Jan. 6 – All School Mass
  • Tuesday, Jan. 31, Catholic Schools Week with Bishop Gaydos
  • Wednesday, March 1 – Ash Wednesday
  • Tues., May 9 – Founder’s Day

Other Faith Opportunities

  • Join Campus Ministry Crew to grow in your personal faith and help plan and execute a variety of faith and service events for the school.
  • Crusaders for Life and Life Runners Club are both clubs that advocate for Life.
  • Lasallian Club promotes service in the community.