The following are communications and documents related to changes at Helias due to COVID-19.

Crusader for a Day Program – postponed.

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Information sent on May 21, 2020

Safety Precautions for Athletics & Activities Starting on June 1, 2020
All off-season workouts and training through the summer will adhere to the local government’s guidelines and recommendations. 
Athletes will maintain 6 feet of distance, restricting workouts mostly to conditioning, walk through sessions, and skills training.
Athletes will not come into contact with one another unless social distancing recommendations are lifted. 
Locker Rooms will be closed.
Athletes need to come to our facilities dressed and ready to go.
Bathroom Usage
Similar to a classroom, athletes will only be able to use the facilities one person at a time.
Coaches do have the option of supplying bottled water, but they are not required to do so. 
Community water stations (coolers, dispensers, fountains) will not be supplied by the school.
It is recommended to bring your own thermos. 
Players will not be allowed to share.
Temp Checks
Thermometers that have scanning capabilities have been purchased. 
Each participant will be required to have a temp check before they are allowed to begin.
Those individuals with a high temperature (above 100.4) will be sent home.
The school has purchased additional cleaning supplies and products in order to more fully sanitize any equipment or facility that is used during training.All equipment will be sanitized after each use.
Youth Camps
Each of the above precautions will also take place for our youth camps, which are scheduled to begin on June 1, 2020 and continue through July. 

Please remember: No activities or athletics through the summer are required. This includes high school and youth camps. If your family has any reservations about participating, please keep your child at home. There is not a penalty for not attending events during summer months. However, if this option is taken, we strongly encourage your child to engage in activity on their own in an environment that is optimal for your family.    
Questions should be directed to Tom Guinn at
NFL Raffle Update
As of May 21, Helias plans to continue with our NFL Fundraiser to help defray the cost of activities/athletics, the same as we have done in previous years.However, we will not make a final decision, nor will raffle cards be ready to be picked up until, at the latest, Aug. 1, 2020. By Aug. 1, we expect the NFL will have made their determination about the their season.
Please make plans and notify previous donors of the modified schedule. Thank You!

Email sent on May 19, 2020

Q. Why was summer school canceled? Two big reasons. 

  • Health and safety reasons for students, faculty and staff related to COVID-19.
  • In order to maintain 6 feet of social distance in the fall, we will have to have smaller sizes and more sections of each class. We do not have enough teachers and classrooms to accommodate this in a seven-period day and if we allow freshmen to take summer school, they would not have a class to take in the fall.

Q. Why are we going to an eight-period day in the fall? In order to maintain 6 feet of social distance in the fall, we will have to have smaller sizes and more sections of each class. We do not have enough teachers and classrooms to accommodate this in a seven-period day. Eight periods will allow us to accommodate all 750 of our students with smaller class sizes keeping students and faculty and staff safe and healthy. 
Q. Will online summer school be offered?  We apologize, but we are not offering summer school online this summer. We will have summer school next year. 
Q. Will classes from JC be accepted as credit?  Only if they are not offered within the normal Helias curriculum, for example, Driver’s Education will be accepted as a credit, but PE will not. 
Q. Will my student be allowed to take study hall as their class in the fall?  Juniors and Seniors will have a study hall built into their schedule. 
Q. Will the school day be extended in the fall?  Yes, but at this time we do not know the exact start and end times. The day will be extended by approximately 30 minutes. We added extra time for passing periods to allow students to pass while keeping a safe distance from each other. 
Q. How long will each period last in an eight-period day?  Approximately 47 minutes
Q. How much homework will my student have with eight classes?  We are working to allow all students to have a class or two that allows them to maintain a manageable level of homework. 
Q. Will Seniors be allowed to complete seven hours and then be finished with their day?  Depending on a student’s academic status, we are considering some options for seniors. Please stay tuned for those options. 
Options we are considering:  Seniors and/or Juniors with a delayed start time to allow taking the temperature of every student entering the building every day. 
Seniors and/or Juniors being offered an 8th period option to choose from if they are in good standing with grades. 
What we are prepared to do: By August, because of the 8-period day we will be able to flex to a four period block schedule allowing less students in our building at one time or going to e-learning in a fashion that uses 4 classes at one time instead of 8. 

Email sent on May 15, 2020

Once again, we appreciate your patience with the extenuating circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the level of changes which have been necessary to keep students safe in our current environment. Unfortunately, this has once again caused us to cancel a student-centered program – Summer School. We know this is affecting many families at an already difficult time, and we sincerely apologize. We would love to see students face-to-face this summer, but in order to go back to school in-person in August, it is not prudent to have summer school.Summer school refunds will be issued by June 1 to the credit card which was used in the registration process. 
In order to follow the guidelines of the county, state and federal government with regard COVID-19 Helias faculty and staff have been working to figure out a way to have in-person classes beginning in August with student safety as our top priority. The best solution we, and many other schools, have developed, is to move to an 8-period day in August so that we can reduce class sizes and create the appropriate social distance between students.
There will be more sections of all the classes students were planning to take this summer offered this fall and spring, therefore, students will not be missing out on credits they would have received this summer. Also, class sizes will be smaller to keep safe distances, therefore students will get more individualized attention.
SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS:INCOMING FRESHMEN — We are still working on final schedules, however for the semester which begins in August, if your student is an incoming freshmen and was registered for summer school, their schedule will automatically have both of their summer school classes added to it. The exception is Driver’s Education. We cannot offer Driver’s Education in the fall. 
INCOMING SOPH-SR: We are also revising schedules to include the classes which these students were signed up to take in the summer, and will add those classes to your schedule. The 8-period school day will allow all the upperclassmen to take any class they would have taken during summer school.  
ALL STUDENTS NOT ENROLLED IN SUMMER SCHOOL: School counselors will be reaching out to families who were not enrolled in summer school to help students select their 8th credit course. The counseling department will communicate further course selection options for students who did not list an alternate course on their registration form at a later date.  
We know there will be questions about the changes to the school schedule and the 8-period day. Please know that we are working through all of the details and will be reaching out to students and families to modify schedules to accommodate students to the best of our ability. IF ANYONE HAS QUESTIONS REGARDING SUMMER SCHOOL OR STUDENT SCHEDULES, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM ON THE QUESTIONS GOOGLE FORM.You will be contacted by a counselor regarding your questions before July 1. 
We now have several tentative plans for the 20-21 school year based on recommendations from other schools, county and state officials and the Missouri School Boards’ Association. We are working through all of those plans and will keep you updated as we receive more information and are able to make decisions.We know this is a lot of information to digest and likely another blow to plans made for the summer. If we can help in any way, please let us know. Thank you for choosing Helias Catholic, please know that the safety, health and welfare of your student always comes first!
We have created a page on our website under PARENTS which includes links to all information related to COVID-19 and the 2020/21 school year. Thank you for choosing Helias Catholic. God bless!

Email sent May 29, 2020

Guidelines for Re-Opening for Students: June 1
Yesterday, Governor Parson announced Missouri will continue in Phase 1 of the Show Me Recovery Plan through June 15. This was supposed to expire on May 31, but has been extended for an additional two weeks. 
What does this mean for Helias?
1. Helias will continue to operate with social distancing (6 ft of distance) with staff and students. We know this is a tremendous challenge, but we are learning every time we have a gathering. Please support these efforts. The work we do now will hopefully help us have a safe return in the fall. 
2. Helias will open the weight room and camps beginning on June 1 provided each program can ensure social distancing of students. If we cannot ensure social distancing, then we will postpone these events until there are revised guidelines. Please know this is a fluid, ever-changing situation. We are doing our best to host as many events as safely possible.
Here are the guidelines for Helias to safely reopen for athletics/activities beginning June 1.
Athletic and Activity Guidelines – Summer 2020
Please know these guidelines are for Phase 1, and could or could not be modified after June 15. We are actively planning for the move to Phase 2, but have not been provided with those guidelines yet. 
3. If we cannot ensure social distancing, masks will be worn. For example, if someone HAD to work one on one in a close setting with an individual, masks would be required. 
4. Our current plans for graduation will remain in place. Our date of graduation is after June 15, which means these plans could also change.
Please continue to help us provide a safe environment for staff and students. We do ask for your prayers for prudent decision making for our school community. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our Helias community as we all strive to do our part.  We know it is difficult. We believe the best way to “Build a Community of Saints and Scholars for Christ” is in person. The formation of students in body, mind, and spirit is paramount in our decision making while also ensuring we can do so safely. Thank you for your continued prayers, patience and cooperation.