Event Ticket Communication

Re-Opening Plan 20.21 — Released Aug. 3, 2020

Online Learning Expectations (If Needed)
Starting on Monday, July 20, we are requiring visitors, students and staff working in our building to wear a mask upon entry and in any spaces where they cannot maintain six feet of social distance. We want to protect the health and safety of everyone and believe that masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation and helping us to spread the word.
This week MSHSAA released their plans for returning to high school athletics and activities. The document is eight pages and can be found at this link. MSHSAA Guidelines. Helias administrators and coaches are working through all of the guidelines and how they will apply to our sports and activities. Helias specific detail will be shared the first week of August and at our all-sports meeting on Aug. 9.

We are also finalizing all our plans for returning to school in the next two weeks. So expect more information as we get all the the details worked out.

Electronic Device Guidelines
Helias COVID-19 planning teams recommended we prepare for the unique challenges we may face. One consideration which has repeatedly come up is the need for expanded student access to technology. 

In the past we have only required devices for upperclassmen and students in college credit courses, a policy which will continue into this school year. However, because students may need to transition to at-home learning at some point, we recommend all students have access to a personal device (tablet or laptop) which will facilitate online classwork and web conferencing. 

Having their own device at school will allow students to keep up with learning without additional exposure to viruses and germs which may occur while using a shared device at school. Also, if instruction should need to take place remotely, students who already have access to a familiar device will have to make fewer adjustments in order to participate fully in their courses. 

Production and availability of devices has varied recently, but currently there are laptops and chromebooks available online at a variety of price points.
At a minimum we would suggest the device have at a minimum a 10-inch screen, a keyboard, a webcam, a microphone, and a battery life longer than 6 hours.

If you already have a device there is no need to buy anything new, and if you need financial assistance in order to purchase a device, please contact Sr. Jean Dietrich at jdietrich@heliascatholic.com

If you are looking to purchase a device, please feel free to shop wherever you wish, we only provide the examples below so that you can compare features and prices. 

Here are some links to options that are currently available online, listed here from lowest to highest in price. Please note there are also used and refurbished versions which are even cheaper.
Lenovo Chromebook – $238
HP Chromebook – $251
HP Touchscreen Chromebook – $369
ASUS VivoBook Laptop – $399
HP Laptop – $589
HP Probook Laptop – $839

NFL Raffle Update
As of May 21, Helias plans to continue with our NFL Fundraiser to help defray the cost of activities/athletics, the same as we have done in previous years.However, we will not make a final decision, nor will raffle cards be ready to be picked up until, at the latest, Aug. 1, 2020. By Aug. 1, we expect the NFL will have made their determination about the their season.
Please make plans and notify previous donors of the modified schedule. Thank You!

Q & A

Q. Why are we going to an eight-period day in the fall? In order to maintain 6 feet of social distance in the fall, we will have to have smaller sizes and more sections of each class. We do not have enough teachers and classrooms to accommodate this in a seven-period day. Eight periods will allow us to accommodate all 750 of our students with smaller class sizes keeping students and faculty and staff safe and healthy. 
Q. Will classes from JC be accepted as credit?  Only if they are not offered within the normal Helias curriculum, for example, Driver’s Education will be accepted as a credit, but PE will not. 
Q. Will my student be allowed to take study hall as their class in the fall?  Juniors and Seniors will have a study hall built into their schedule. 
Q. Will the school day be extended in the fall?  Yes, but at this time we do not know the exact start and end times. The day will be extended by approximately 30 minutes. We added extra time for passing periods to allow students to pass while keeping a safe distance from each other. 
Q. How long will each period last in an eight-period day?  Approximately 47 minutes
Q. How much homework will my student have with eight classes?  We are working to allow all students to have a class or two that allows them to maintain a manageable level of homework. 
Q. Will Seniors be allowed to complete seven hours and then be finished with their day?  Depending on a student’s academic status, we are considering some options for seniors. Please stay tuned for those options. 
Options we are considering:  Seniors and/or Juniors with a delayed start time to allow taking the temperature of every student entering the building every day. 
Seniors and/or Juniors being offered an 8th period option to choose from if they are in good standing with grades. 
What we are prepared to do: By August, because of the 8-period day we will be able to flex to a four period block schedule allowing less students in our building at one time or going to e-learning in a fashion that uses 4 classes at one time instead of 8.