Due to Covid-19 the annual Activities Meeting will move to an on-line format. Our
school will continue to make decisions based on the safety & well-being of students and families.

When possible, we’ll continue to limit and modify crowded assemblies that could be equally effective in a virtual setting.  All of the information that you would have received at this traditional meeting will be sent to you, via email, in a video towards the tail end of July.

Meetings that are specific to your sport or activity are smaller in terms of volume of
people, and allow for social distancing. Groups can also be separated using various parts of the campus. For these reasons, meetings specific to your activity or sport will still take place on August 9th, 2021 at 6pm, but will be limited to fall sports and activities only. Attendees will go directly to their meeting as follows:

● Band – Band Room
● Cross Country – Old Gym
● Cheerleading – Rm #211
● Dance – Rm #103
● Football – Fieldhouse
● Golf (Girls) – Rm #134
● Soccer (Boys) – Choir Room
● Softball – Library
● Tennis (Girls) Rm #15
● Volleyball – Varsity Rm #16, JV Rm # 14, 9th Commons


For more information, please contact our Athletic/Activities Director, Tom Guinn by calling us at 635-6139 or email Mr. Guinn at TGuinn@heliascatholic.com.