Dear Helias Catholic community,

Thank you for your continued support this school year, especially with regard to the protocols in
place in response to the COVID-19 delta variant. Our administrative team, with the support of
the Cole County Health Department, has been closely monitoring positive cases within the
school and surrounding area.

At our last two-week review, county and school case numbers have lowered significantly
compared to earlier in the school year. Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 have also been
trending downward locally.

Effective Wednesday, Oct. 6, masks will no longer be required during transitions within the
school setting for students and staff or in common areas where social distancing can be
maintained. At this time, students and staff will still be expected to wear masks during large
gatherings and in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained, such as assemblies
and school Mass, as well as classroom activities that require close interaction.

Any student, faculty or staff member is welcome to wear a mask at any point in the day beyond
the school’s general guidelines. The health and safety of our Crusaders, as well as in-person
instruction for our students, remain top priorities. The other key priorities of our COVID-19
response plan will remain in effect as we continue to monitor local and community COVID-19
activity. Should positive cases remain low, further reduction of mitigation measures may follow.
However, should the school or surrounding community see an increase in positive cases, mask
protocols may be reinstated.

As always, we ask for your continued partnership as we maintain efforts to keep students
healthy and learning. Please keep students out of school when they are sick or show any
potential symptoms of COVID-19, and encourage them to take appropriate preventive measures
both inside and outside of school.

Spencer Allen