Forms for this semester’s Dual Enrollment will be handed out to students on Monday, January 14th during class time.  Forms must be completely filled out including the amounts, signatures of student, parent and teacher along with course name and number.

For those students taking Chemistry, Pre-Calculus and Accelerated Pre-Calculus with a score of 22 or above on the math portion of ACT, a copy of the ACT must be submitted with the application.

Students/Parents keep the pink form after filled out.  Payment is to be sent to Lincoln University no sooner than February 8, 2019.

All papers must be turned into Mr. Mathes or Mrs. Fennewald in the Counselor’s office by the end of the day, Friday, January 25th.

More information on Dual Enrollment can be found on the Helias website at the Career & Counseling Page or in the Course Catalog under Graduation Requirements.