JLG ebooks – This is an ebooks site; one can read via a web browser or on the JLG app. When you login, the STREAM will show digital fiction titles that will rotate. Under the LIBRARY COPIES tab, one will see titles Helias now OWNS, and they will not disappear. The majority of all titles are multi-user and could be used for a class. Students can sign in through their school email in order to bookmark and highlight things in the ebooks.

If a student (or you) downloads the app, you must use the common login and cannot bookmark or highlight. The common login is Username: Helias Password: Crusaders1

Ebsco  Research Databases

Username: Helias Password: Crusaders#1

Worldbook Online Encyclopedia

Worldbook is currently set up with three different levels of reading ability – every student should be able to find what they need! 

Username: Helias Password: Crusaders#1

Library World Online Catalog
Username: Helias Password: Crusaders#1