Helias Catholic High School logos and logo information are provided for use with permission from a member of the Helias Catholic administration. If you have questions or need additional formats or logos, please contact Rebecca Martin, director of communications and admissions.

Copyrights: Helias Catholic High School owns the copyrights to all of the logos contained herein and reserves the right to protect their use. Helias Catholic reserves the right not to allow private or corporate use of the logo at their discretion.

Unapproved use of the logo is a violation of state and federal laws and subject to litigation.  A waiver form is included at the end of this document to be completed and returned to Helias Catholic requesting permission for use.

To use the Helias Catholic logo on clothing, social networks, internet, promotional items, advertising and related information, request permission by contacting the Helias Catholic High School’s director of communications at 573-635-6139 or rmartin@heliascatholic.com.

Exceptions: These guidelines may not address all possible or potential ways the Helias Catholic High School logo may be used. Exceptions to the guidelines must be approved in advance by the director of communications.

The Helias Catholic High School logos below may be downloaded for media use.

Please click here to view Helias Catholic’s Logo Policy and Procedure Manual.