2020 NFL Fundraiser

NFL Games have begun! 




We are pleased that NFL games have begun, please note below the contingency plan if the season changes. Thank you for your support of Helias!

Contingency Plan: If the NFL plays fewer than 17 weeks, then we will calculate the winners for any canceled week(s) by using the scores from a correlated week from a previous season to be determined.

If there is any disruption in the schedule that skews the playoffs in ANY way we WILL NOT payout for the playoff.

The bottom line is all (except possibly playoff money) prize money will be paid as promised. The total number of winners and prize money awarded will not be affected by any changes to the NFL schedule.

Participation Fee and NFL raffle Information for Helias Families
If your son or daughter intends on playing MSHSAA-sanctioned sport or activities they will be assessed a $275 fee. The fee helps with the ever-increasing cost of running our athletic and activities programs (buses, tournament fees, officials, uniforms, equipment, etc …. )

For the past 20+ years the Helias NFL raffle has given families an opportunity to fund-raise a portion or all of that fee.
3 Options are available:
1. Pay $275 (If you do not wish to participate in the raffle just indicate that when you pay you $275 fee to Mrs. Muessig in the Helias office)
2. Sell 5 NFL raffle cards (or buy them at $25 ea.) AND pay $150 fee.
3. Sell 15 NFL cards at $25 ea.  Fee is waived.
NFL cards are available beginning July 29, 2020 for the upcoming NFL season. Stop by the Helias business office to pick them up.
Because of social distancing they WILL NOT be available at the all-sports meeting.
Deadline for returns will be Friday, August 28th.

PLEASE!!!  Take what you know you WILL sell/buy!  We do not want, this year especially, to give out doubles, and then have the 2020 cards turned in late, and not be able to use them!  You can always get more if you need them.

  • Please turn in all your ticket stubs and money together. (Please do not turn in a few at at time)
  • Please do not staple the check or cash to the ticket stub – paper clip is fine.
  • PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH SIDES OF THE TICKET STUB LEGIBLY!-The ticket stubs are used to notify and pay all of the weekly winners.
  • How to Sell: – Make checks payable to Helias Catholic Booster Club
    NFL.  Cash is accepted, plastic is not.
  • Ticket cost is $25 each – Which enters the person into all 17 weeks of the NFL season plus 3* playoff weeks. (* possibly and exception this year)
  • They will have a chance to win up to $400 each week of the NFL season.
  • The seller of the ticket gets half of the prize amount.
  • Each week Helias pays out over $2000 in cash to weekly winners, before double winners.

This is a vital fund-raiser for our school – Last year we made $90,000 for our programs – Let’s do it again.