Participation Fee and NFL raffle Information for Helias Families
If your son or daughter intends on playing MSHSAA-sanctioned sport or activities they will be assessed a $275 fee. The fee helps with the ever-increasing cost of running our athletic and activities programs (buses, tournament fees, officials, uniforms, equipment, etc …. )

For the past 20+ years the Helias NFL raffle has given families an opportunity to fund-raise a portion or all of that fee.
3 Options are available:
1. Pay $275 (If you do not wish to participate in the raffle just indicate that when you pay you $275 fee to Mrs. Muessig in the Helias office)
2. Sell 5 NFL raffle cards (or buy them at $25 ea.) AND pay $150 fee.
3. Sell 15 NFL cards at $25 ea.  Fee is waived.


  • Please turn in all your ticket stubs and money together. (Please do not turn in a few at at time)
  • Please do not staple the check or cash to the ticket stub – paper clip is fine.
  • PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH SIDES OF THE TICKET STUB LEGIBLY!-The ticket stubs are used to notify and pay all of the weekly winners.
  • How to Sell: – Make checks payable to Helias Catholic Booster Club
    NFL.  Cash is accepted, plastic is not.
  • Ticket cost is $25 each – Which enters the person into all 17 weeks of the NFL season plus 3* playoff weeks. (* possibly and exception this year)
  • They will have a chance to win up to $400 each week of the NFL season.
  • The seller of the ticket gets half of the prize amount.
  • Each week Helias pays out over $2000 in cash to weekly winners, before double winners.

This is a vital fund-raiser for our school – Last year we made $90,000 for our programs – Let’s do it again.