Celebrating hope on the Feast of the Assumption

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Aug. 15 is the Church’s celebration of Mary’s Assumption, body and soul, into heaven. I want to share a reflection from Sam Sawyer, S.J., an editor for America magazine, that I found helpful today as I pray and reflect on the miracle of Mary’s Assumption.

In his reflection, which subscribers can read in full on the magazine’s website, Mr. Sawyer notes: “Mary’s Assumption is a promise of God’s hope and desire for all of us,” that we would all exercise our free will to enjoy “fullness of life” with God.

He later adds: “Mary’s Assumption is the promise that such hope is better than we can imagine, and the reminder that the way to it is through God’s mercy rather than our own strength.”

I share this excerpt of Sam’s reflection with you, hoping that you, too, may find your prayer enriched by his words.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight
Helias Catholic High School President

In this blog, Helias Catholic President John Knight and guest writers share updates about ongoing work to advance Helias Catholic High School’s mission to provide excellence in Catholic education and vision to build a community of saints and scholars for Christ. Please send responses, ideas, questions and friendly greetings to Mr. Knight at jknight@heliascatholic.com.