Renewing Helias Catholic’s community of faith and inclusion

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Over the past few months, our school administration and my office have been in conversation with Zach Rockers, Helias Catholic’s new director of campus ministry, as to how we can build a campus ministry program that offers students a variety of opportunities for prayer, retreats and service. It is no easy task to create programs that properly address the diverse needs of young people ages 14-18. Mr. Rockers has put together a comprehensive program that will serve as our roadmap for this year and the coming years, and he will be sharing details of the new campus ministry program in the coming weeks. I am grateful to Mr. Rockers for his leadership in the important work of campus ministry.

Our community is blessed with wonderful young women and young men who are thirsting for acceptance, love and a sense of self-worth. Perhaps they don’t always recognize that they are thirsting for God, but ultimately He is the origin of their desire. As St. Augustine said so well, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee, O God.” Please continue to hold our students in your daily prayers as we accompany them on their spiritual journey.

As our students navigate daily life both inside and outside of school, it’s important that those responsible for their education and formation offer strong guidance when it comes to the biggest social and interpersonal challenges facing all of us. In particular today, I’d ask that we as educators, families, coaches and mentors for young people communicate clear messages about the ugliness of racism and the opportunity to practice diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. How can we, as a community that seeks to form young people into saints and scholars for Christ, do anything less? At Helias Catholic we are actively considering various programs that we can bring to school to help students, families and staff address racism, which I’ll share updates about as those conversations progress. I encourage each of us to look deep inside our hearts and reflect on God’s call for us to love all of our sisters and brothers, regardless of creed, race or standing in life.

Today is the beginning of the first full week of school. As with every year in Helias Catholic’s storied history, this year — our “Year of Renewal” — will bring its share of opportunities and challenges. Your prayers for our community help to sustain us as we begin another year of Catholic secondary education. Thank you for the gift you are to our community! Our prayers and good wishes remain with you and your loved ones.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight
Helias Catholic High School President

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