Appreciating the gift of time

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Time passes so quickly. I never felt that way when I was younger; however, the gift of advancing years has sharpened my awareness of how fast time flies by. This past Saturday we welcomed the Helias Catholic Class of 2026 to FROSH Camp. The Class of 2026!  Where have the years gone? Time is a precious gift.

This week our faculty and staff gather to begin a new academic year. The school’s first class of students graduated in 1957. So, if my math is correct, that means we are beginning our 66th year of Catholic secondary education at Helias Catholic High School. Just like the brothers, sisters, laymen and laywomen before us, we gather this week filled with a spirit of hope, gratitude and joy. And to be very honest, we also gather with a small sense of apprehension and anxiety. What will the coming academic year hold for our school community? What enjoyable, rewarding moments are ahead? Which moments will perhaps have us wondering why we are in the classroom or in a school? These are all normal and understandable emotions, and ones we trust God to lead us through.

As soon as we begin the new academic year, the days and weeks will fly by.  My prayers for each of my colleagues and for each one of you is that we take the time God gives us to enjoy each moment and to try our best to love one another. Time is a precious gift, and so too are your prayers for us and our Catholic mission. The entire Helias Catholic community is praying for you and your loved ones this academic year. God bless you!

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight
Helias Catholic High School President

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