Anticipating Jesus’ joyful return

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Over the past week I have been reflecting on the Second Coming of Jesus as part of our Advent journey. Part of my reflection has focused on the Kingdom of God and all that means to me. It is certainly easy for me to fall into a state of wonder, excitement and joy as I imagine how the Kingdom of God will look. No surprise, but the Kingdom of God will appear decidedly different than the world we live in today.

A friend and former colleague once told me that he believed there are no coincidences in life — everything happens for a reason. I recalled my friend’s comment as I thought about our faculty and staff’s recent conversation on racism and my own prayer on what the Kingdom of God will look like for us. Is it purely coincidental that just as our community of educators, staff and administration began our conversation on the sin of racism that we are also beginning our Advent journey? I think not!

During these days of Advent, we are preparing our hearts for the Second Coming of Jesus and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The Second Coming of Jesus is when the Kingdom of God will be in its full glory. At that time the sin of racism will no longer exist. All that has separated us from God’s presence will be wiped away. The lion will lay down with the lamb. Enemies will become friends. Love will have completely conquered evil. All that we know in our current state will be wiped away, and we will be in a new Garden of Eden.  

For those who have lived a life separate from God, the Second Coming of Jesus will not be a joyful experience. The evil that is part of our world and part of our life will keep us separate from God for all eternity. All is not lost as of this moment in time. We are called to repent, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. We are called to embrace all of our sisters and brothers. We are called to put an end to racism, sexism and all forms of sin that keep us from God. The Kingdom of God is a promise that will be realized. Will we be a part of that Kingdom, or will we choose to follow another call, a call that leads us toward the darkness and the emptiness of sin?

Heavy stuff for a Monday. May God continue to give us the strength and wisdom to always choose good over evil, love over hate. And may we in choosing God join hands and hearts with our sisters and brothers from all walks of life and walk  toward our God — and, in doing so, help to bring the Kingdom of God closer to fruition.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight
Helias Catholic High School President

Journey through Advent with us

This Advent, Helias Catholic Campus Ministry has invited our faculty and staff to journey together using the “Rejoice!” scriptural pilgrimage through Advent from Ascension Press. Each week one of our staff members is joining Chaplain Fr. Paul Clark and Director of Campus Ministry Zach Rockers to reflect on a relevant theme. Click on the accompanying video to hear Mrs. Sue Bruemmer’s reflection for the First Week of Advent.

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