Finding moments of prayer in daily life

This past weekend I took a drive out into the country. I love to drive; in fact, many of my most memorable moments of prayer have taken place when I am out on the road. The other day I was behind the wheel, out on a sunny afternoon, listening to a beautiful rendition of the song “Pie Jesu” (Merciful Jesus).  “Pie Jesu,” as written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is a combination of texts of “Pie Jesu” and “Agnus Dei” set to a beautiful score. I encourage you to listen to the song; it is simply beautiful.

Listening to “Pie Jesu” brought me closer to Jesus as I drove the country roads. I thought about Jesus present in all of history. I felt the presence of Jesus in my midst as I played and replayed the beautiful music. I thought of Jesus and the world we inhabit today, a world so different from the world Jesus lived in. Our world is moving at such a frenetic pace. The tension between people of different political, ethnic and religious backgrounds is at times at a fever pitch. Where is Jesus in all of this?

Our students, the young women and men we are blessed to serve, are called to become saints and scholars for Christ.  How can I — how can we — help our students become more aware of Jesus in their lives? The answer to that question is clear: we, too, need to strive each day to be saints and scholars for Christ. We do that in the way we love others, welcome others, forgive others and accept others, regardless of our differences.  

May the moments of prayer that you experience in your daily life continue to bring you closer to Jesus.  And may your relationship with Jesus help you in living for Him as a saint and as a scholar.

My prayers and the prayers of the entire Helias Catholic community remain with you and your loved ones.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!


John Knight