Summer work readying Helias Catholic for new year

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Work is well underway at Helias Catholic. Summer school is in full swing. Faculty have been meeting for professional development opportunities, administration is looking ahead to the coming school year, and our custodial staff are working hard to strip and wax floors to prepare the building for students, faculty and staff to begin anew. Needless to say, summer is a busy time of year at Helias Catholic.

The renovation project that began earlier this summer should be complete by late fall. When all is said and done, Helias Catholic will have a beautiful, updated Crucifix Entrance. Accompanying this post is a drawing of what the new entrance will look like from the outside.

The Crucifix Entrance, recognizable by the original statue of Jesus on the cross behind the front windows facing Swifts Highway, was the school building’s main entrance before the expansion was added in 2017 and remains the primary entrance for students. This renovation will update the entryway as well as portions of Rackers Fieldhouse to enhance the spirit of hospitality that is central to our mission as a Catholic school.

Updates to the Crucifix Entrance will extend the entryway outward, adding an atrium area as well as roofed coverings as students and visitors approach doors on either side. New lighting will keep the image of Christ on the cross visible in our community at all times. The work in Rackers Fieldhouse is largely centered on strengthening infrastructure, as well as new flooring and doors in the lobby and updated restrooms and locker rooms. Both projects will help bring our campus up to date in a manner that befits Helias Catholic’s long history of excellence.

As anyone who has experienced home renovations understands, disruptions that are momentary inconveniences are to be expected. We will keep you updated as work moves along at the Crucifix Entrance and in Rackers Fieldhouse. The school will also keep students and families apprised of any necessary changes to parking, etc., as the 2022-23 school year approaches in the midst of construction. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for your continued support of our Catholic mission.

In closing, I want to continue to ask for your prayers for our alumni, benefactors and friends who help make our mission possible. Helias Catholic is an exceptional school. We have so much to be grateful for.  Summer is typically a time to relax and to enjoy family and friends. I hope you have an opportunity to do just that in the coming weeks. May God continue to bless you with a deepening awareness of His love for you and your loved ones.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts —  forever!

John Knight

Helias Catholic High School President

In this blog, Helias Catholic President John Knight and guest writers share updates about ongoing work to advance Helias Catholic High School’s mission to provide excellence in Catholic education and vision to build a community of saints and scholars for Christ. Please send responses, ideas, questions and friendly greetings to Mr. Knight at