Prayers of support, celebration and thanksgiving

Dear Helias Catholic family,

I write to you with a sadness that comes on the heels of the recent passing of two of our students’ parents. What should be a joyous time of end-of-year activities is changed for a number of people in our community. Please continue to keep all Helias Catholic families in your prayers, especially those who have lost a parent this year. May our loving God continue to hold us close to His sacred heart.

Last Friday I was blessed to attend the 8 a.m. Mass at Immaculate Conception Church to honor the 100th anniversary of the laying of the church’s cornerstone. It was also a school Mass, so there was a lot of wonderful singing and youthful energy in the congregation. Fr. Don Antweiler gave a wonderful homily touching on the laying of the cornerstone; the celebration of IC School’s alumnus of the year, Joshua Kampeter; and the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. The Mass was a beautiful celebration!

I was struck by the image of the church’s cornerstone being laid 100 years ago and the image of the children as the cornerstone of today’s church. Time marches on, yet the Church’s one foundation, Jesus Christ our Lord, is eternal. The faith and the unlimited generosity of the men and women who 100 years ago began the construction of Immaculate Conception Church continues on in the lives of all the people of God, especially so last Friday morning in the wonderful children who are the future of the Church.

Thank you for continuing to be a cornerstone for our Catholic mission. Though not yet 100 years old, Helias Catholic’s foundation remains strong as ever thanks to your prayers, your commitment to our mission and your generosity. As we conclude this academic year with final exams this week, our prayers of gratitude for your presence in the life of our beloved school are sent heavenward. May God continue to make Himself known to you so that you in turn may make Him known to all you encounter.  

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight

Helias Catholic High School President

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