Congratulations, Helias Catholic Class of 2022!

Dear Helias Catholic family,

Sunday’s graduation was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect for our outdoor setting at the Crusader Athletic Complex. The keynote delivered by Mrs. Pat Seifert was excellent. Student Council President Raygan Hamilton’s comments were also excellent. The tone set by the graduates was appropriately celebratory and respectful. As Mr. Allen said so well, the Class of 2022 is a great class!

Before the final blessing and first official introduction of the Helias Catholic graduating Class of 2022, I spoke for a few brief minutes to the graduates. I spoke of our desire and our hope that, as they move on in their lives, they not forget that Jesus goes with them. I spoke of Jesus present to them throughout their time at Helias Catholic, Jesus present in their friends, faculty and staff. I spoke, too, of how when they treated people with empathy, love and forgiveness that they were bringing Jesus to all they encountered. Our prayer for our graduates is that they continue striving to become saints and scholars for Christ.  

Graduation day for any educational institution is a time of great celebration and a time for reflection. Our faculty, staff and administration have done an outstanding job this school year accompanying our young women and young men through their senior year of high school. Although we may never see the Class of 2022 gathered together again as they were yesterday, our hearts and our prayers remain with each student, no matter where they go in their lives. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader!

Live, Jesus, in our hearts – forever!

John Knight

Helias Catholic High School President

In this weekly blog, Helias Catholic President John Knight and guest writers share updates about ongoing work to advance Helias Catholic High School’s mission to provide excellence in Catholic education and vision to build a community of saints and scholars for Christ. Please send responses, ideas, questions and friendly greetings to Mr. Knight at