Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

Dear Helias Catholic family,

This morning on my way into work I slowed down as I approached a school zone. The flashing yellow lights caught my attention as I slowed down.

Driving slowly past the school, I was reminded of a similar scene a few years ago when I was forced to slow down not because of a school zone but due to a stopped bus and its flashing lights. Perhaps you, like me, more times than not have no problem taking the extra time to stop, slow down and proceed appropriately. And perhaps you, also like me, on any given day when such moments occur find yourself bothered by the inconvenience of it all. “Come on, I have places to go!”

I started thinking about how important it is for us to slow down and to take a look around us each day as we go about our lives. Just as the flashing yellow lights in the school zone told me to slow down and drive with caution, I began to wonder what other signs are out there telling me to slow down in my daily life. Our world is filled with so much activity and noise. Our calendars are full of appointments. We look ahead to what is coming next. And, at the same time, there are daily reminders to slow down, to take it easy, to enjoy the moment. Most of us miss those reminders because we are so preoccupied with the busy-ness of life.

At Helias Catholic High School we introduce our students to the importance of slowing down and taking time to look for God in the midst of their daily lives. Taking time to reflect on one’s experiences of the day is necessary to develop and sustain a relationship with God. Time spent with Jesus in our chapel and at school liturgies are central moments in the life of our school community. Tomorrow, for example, our seniors will take a break from their daily routine to enjoy each other’s discipleship as they reflect on the theme of prayer during their class retreat. The learned ability to find the time to slow down, to take a few deep breaths, to quiet one’s mind and one’s heart are essential steps to take as we seek to find God alive in our lives. Such discipline is a lifelong pursuit for each one of us. 

I pray that you may find some time today to quiet your mind, relax for a few moments and listen to God’s invitation to grow closer to Him. Thank you for continuing to be part of our community striving to be saints and scholars for Christ. Our prayers and good wishes remain with you and your loved ones.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts — forever!

John Knight
Helias Catholic High School President

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