Scholarships and pertinent information regarding college applications, opportunities and assistance are available on our College and Scholarship Document

Please note that there are two tabs with scholarship information: Local Scholarships and National Scholarships.  Students must be logged in to their Helias email account in order to access the scholarship page.  Access will not be granted to accounts outside of the Helias email network.

This information will be updated regularly as scholarships become available. An email will be sent to students when new scholarships have been added to the scholarship link. 

A+ Forms and Information

The A+ program is a scholarship program specific to Technical Schools and Junior Colleges.  Students in GRADES 9-12 can apply to be a participant in the Helias A+ Program.  Financial awards can cover full tuition at a Junior College or Missouri Technical school AS WELL AS some of our Missouri 4 year institutions have partial scholarships available to A+ students.

In order to apply for the A+ program, both the Application and the Citizenship Agreement need to be completed and signed by both student and parent/guardian and turned in to their counselor at Helias. 

A+ Handbook
2020-2021 A+ COVID Accommodation Guidelines
A+ Application Link and Citizenship Agreement
A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Timesheet
A+ Program Information
A+ Attendance Appeal Form

If you’d like more information, contact your student’s guidance counselor.  Students are assigned to their counselor by the student’s last name.

A-HE – Mrs. Jan Heislen

Hi-Ph – Mrs. Lacy Ralston

Pi-Z – Mrs. Whitney Toosley