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Helias Catholic to present 'Helium' encore performance

Posted Date: 02/13/2024

Helias Catholic to present 'Helium' encore performance

The Helias Catholic High School Theater Department will present an encore performance of one-act play “Helium” at 6:30 p.m. Friday, February 23, at the Miller Performing Arts Center in Jefferson City.

After originally presenting “Helium” over three performances in November, the cast and crew will reprise the one-act play in preparation for competition in March.

“Helium” is an uplifting story of a brilliant, humorous and creative chemistry teacher who braves the trials of frailty and aging, all while keeping her imagination, charm and dignity intact. With the help of imaginary helium balloons, Mrs. Molly Kingsley takes off on imaginative flights of fancy visiting the seashore of her youth and her old high school chemistry classroom while her daughter, Alice, struggles to keep her mother’s feet firmly on the ground.

Helias Catholic’s production features Anna Schatte as Mrs. Kingsley and Allison Marke as Alice, along with cast members Claire Huntley, Stella Phillips and Hayden Kennison and crew members Jack Callahan, Sophia Johnson, Ellie Brown and Payton Kauffman.

Tickets will be available for $5 per person at the door.