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Our School

Spirit of Excellence

Helias Catholic High School Crest

  • Vision

    Building a community of saints and scholars for Christ.


    Helias Catholic High School is committed to providing excellence in education as established on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church for students grades 9-12. Working in partnership with families, we are dedicated to providing a disciplined environment where Christ and His graces in each person are recognized, respected and fostered. As a teaching institution founded on the traditions of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the La Salle Christian Brothers, we challenge our students spiritually, academically and physically as we help to form them to be active, lifelong, enthusiastic participants in the Church.

  • Faith

    We embrace a deep commitment to strengthening our relationship with God, instilling values rooted in Catholic teaching to guide our lives with purpose through compassion and charitable love.


    Our dynamic community builds on a tradition of connecting students, families and educators in an environment that nurtures a spirit of belonging, solidarity and formation of lifelong friendships.


    We work to inspire a culture of excellence, where students are encouraged to pursue knowledge and truth with integrity, preparing them for future success and empowering each person to reach their full potential.


    Bishop W. Shawn McKnight

    Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Erin Vader

    PRINCIPAL: Mr. Spencer Allen
    ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Mrs. Emma Williams

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bishop W. Shawn McKnight, Msgr. Robert Kurwicki, Superintendent Dr. Erin Vader, Fr. Jason Doke, Craig Husting, Fr. Jeremy Secrist and Mary Winter.

    ADVISORY COUNCILDavid Bange, Fr. Brad Berhorst, Mike Bruns, Fr. Paul Clark, Judy Hake, Doug Hoelscher, Jeremy Kirsch, Kevin Kolb, Victoria Lyskowski, Marty Miller, Barb Prasad, Kim Radamacher, Joel Schroer, Matt Trachsel, Heidi Vollet and Julie Zerr.

  • Helias High School opened its doors with 467 students in September 1956. The new diocesan school, named for Jesuit missionary Father Ferdinand Helias, was founded to accommodate enrollment growth that exceeded the capacity of the former St. Peter High School in Jefferson City.

    Local Catholic leaders and families had spent four years raising $1 million, ultimately choosing the De La Salle Christian Brothers and School Sisters of Notre Dame to teach its students.

    After initially teaching boys and girls separately, the school became fully co-educational in 1969. While religious men and women served as the school’s first teachers, the school was primarily staffed by lay men and women by the early 1980s. James L. Rackers became the first layman to direct a Catholic secondary school in Missouri when he became principal of Helias High School in 1971.

    The original school building, whose classrooms remain in use today, was expanded in 1979 to add a new fine arts wing, then again in 1992 adding Rackers Fieldhouse. In 2003, construction began on an expansion that added 10 classrooms and an elevator and doubled the size of the cafeteria.

    In 2010 the name of the school was officially changed to Helias Catholic High School to more clearly communicate its identity as a Catholic school and its mission of Christ-centered education.

    In 2017 Helias Catholic opened another expansion containing the Science Center, the St. Pius X Chapel, a new administrative wing and additional classrooms. At this time the school also debuted the new Crusader Athletic Complex, bringing the Crusader football, soccer, track and field, and tennis programs onto the Helias Catholic campus in the heart of the Jefferson City community.

  • Helias Catholic High School operates under the leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City.

    We are honored to partner with parochial schools within the diocese whose parishes are vital to Helias Catholic continuing its ministry of Catholic secondary education in Mid-Missouri.

    Helias Catholic is also open to students and families who are not members of these parishes, and we work in partnership with families to provide each student an education rooted in faith, community and pursuit of excellence.