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The Foundation for the Benefit of Helias Catholic High School The Foundation for the Benefit of Helias Catholic High School is an independent, not-for-profit, 501c(3) corporation whose sole purpose is to promote, expand and strengthen the long-term financial viability of Helias Catholic High School. The foundation serves as a conduit for individuals and organizations to support Catholic education in central Missouri. The Foundation accomplishes this through outreach and education; fundraising and responsible financial stewardship of endowed and unrestricted funds; and support of projects as prioritized by Helias Catholic High School or as directed by donors.



The Foundation for the Benefit of Helias Catholic High School’s Continue the Legacy: One Gift, One Goal Annual Fund Drive + Bridge the Gap fundraising campaign runs from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2023.

The Annual Fund Drive has for many years sought to raise money from members of the Helias Catholic and Jefferson City communities to strengthen the foundation’s endowed funds to provide a substantial yearly disbursement to the school’s operating funds. If you are a contributing member of the greater community with no children currently enrolled at Helias Catholic, please consider giving to the Annual Fund Drive.

The Bridge the Gap campaign is aimed at accepting donations to the foundatoin from families of currently enrolled students to help “bridge the gap” between the school’s tuition rate and the actual cost to educate a student at Helias Catholic.