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Students work closely with school counselors to create an academic plan that achieves graduation requirements, develops academic and life skills, and prepares them for their education and career goals.

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Please contact the Counseling Department with any specific questions about courses or graduation requirements.

  • Helias Catholic requires students to complete a minimum of 26 academic credits for graduation. One credit is equivalent to a full school year; one semester is 0.5 credit.

    While it is not required to complete a World Language class for graduation, it is recommended that students who plan to attend college complete at least 2 credits in the same language as part of their elective credits.

Advanced Placement and Dual Credit

Helias Catholic students can enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) and dual-credit (DC) courses for the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

Grading for all Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses is on a weighted scale.

Students interested in Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses should discuss the benefits of specific programs with their school counselor.