How do I pay for lunch?

Lunch can be paid with an online payment on the Helias website. The funds are applied to the student’s ID and can be debited at lunch through a scanning process. Lunch can also be paid in cash although, using the electronic debit system is preferred. Students may also bring their lunch.

How do I find my way around Helias?

Come to Frosh Camp the Saturday before school starts to help learn where your classes are located. More than 60 teachers, counselors and staff are here to help direct you your first few weeks (or months) of school. Students are also great help when you don’t know where to go. Just ask!

Who can I ask for help with my locker?

Again, any member of our faculty or staff can help you with locker issues. You can always go to Mrs. Peggy at the main entrance front office as well. She can help with anything and everything!  If your locker is near the counseling office, Mrs. Fennewald can help find someone to assist you.

Who do I go to when I bombed a test or forgot to turn something in on time?

Talk with your teacher after class, after school or before school. They will always help you to make up work, do extra credit, direct you to other people at Helias that can help. Again, just ask!

What is my Helias email address and how do I access my email?

Every Helias student is assigned a Helias Catholic email address that runs through Gmail. Students will receive this email address and their password at the beginning of the school year with their freshman packet. If the student is participating in summer school and needs access early they will be given the information in class during summer school.

How much homework should I have every night?

The average freshman student should have an hour to two hours of homework each evening, depending on the day. Even if there is nothing due the next day, students should spend some time reading or planning ahead. We want you to learn and be well-prepared for life, homework is part of life at Helias.

What do I do if I am sick at school?

If you are not feeling well, ALWAYS, go to Mrs. Kampeter, our school nurse, at the front office! She will call your parents if needed. Don’t hide in a bathroom or empty classroom. You need to go to the office so we can help you.

Where is the pool? An upperclassman sold me a pool pass!

Ha, ha! Upperclassmen like to embellish when they speak to freshmen! They are just trying to make friends, but always check with another source if an upperclassmen tells you something that sounds too good to be true.

What is the cell phone policy?

Cell phones can only be used between classes (5 minutes). Any other time, you could be given a $25 fine for having your phone out.

How do I check my grades online?

Go to the SIS grades tab on the Helias website. You will need to log in with your student id and password assigned to you and included in your freshman information packet.

How are students placed in Families/Houses?

Students are randomly placed in Families/Houses by gender. Families are smaller groups of about 20 people of all grades, but the same gender with one family leader. Each family is part of a larger House group. There are six families in each House and six different Houses.

Why are credits important?  How many do I need to graduate?

Credits are the system all schools use to determine graduation eligibility. If you don’t have enough credits you won’t be able to graduate, even if you have been coming to Helias for four years. You need 26 credits to graduate. Find more information in the Course Catalog on our website.

Where is the office?

There are two actually!  The business/front office is near the main entrance and Mrs. Peggy.  The counseling office is near the Student Success Center past the crucifix (old main doors).  Mrs. Fennewald is right inside the door and can help you.

What if I fail a class?  Do I have to make that credit up?

If you need that credit to graduate, then yes. You can retake it the next semester or you may be able to take it online through E2020 – with approval from your academic advisor. Do your best not to fail the first time!

How often should I check my FACTS account?  How often do teachers post their grades?

You should check your account daily. Some teachers post grades every day, some post them once a week. But it is a good habit to check everyday so you don’t miss anything.

If I’m feeling especially anxious or something happened at home or with my friends and I need someone to talk to where do I go?

Ask your teacher if you can go see your counselor.  They are great listeners.

How do I make friends or get involved at Helias?

Helias has more than 40 clubs and activities designed to help connect you with other students who have similar interests. We recommend that you join one of these clubs or teams and get involved in extracurricular or co-curricular activities. Whether it is Disney Club, Student Council, Robotics, Track and Field or something else. It will help you meet new friends and have fun doing things you love.