Registration/New Student Forms

A big event in any teenager’s life is going to high school! Many teens are excited about making new friends and having more course choices in high school. We are here to help!

In order to Enroll at Helias Catholic, you will need to fill out:

Enrollment Form

Our enrollment form can be printed by clicking on this link. In addition, we require a $100 enrollment fee to be paid at the time of enrollment. Forms are due on or before April 1, and enrollment must be complete to register for summer school or fall classes.

Tuition Contract

Please print, sign and return the contract from the Google doc found here. Forms are due April 1.

Freshman Registration Form

Please print, fill out and sign the form found here. Please contact an academic advisor if you need assistance with the selection of courses. Registration forms are due April 1.

Summer School

Many of our students take advantage of summer school classes in order to allow more opportunity for elective courses during their high school career. To attend Summer School you must be enrolled as a student at Helias for the fall.

Should you have questions please call the Admissions Director, Mrs. Sandy Hentges or Ms. Kenya Fuemmeler at 573-635-6139.

Helias Interest Form