Helias Catholic High School believes in the enforcement of a student appearance code for several reasons:

  • A uniform appearance gives students a feeling of equality, provides a visible sense of school unity and identity, and contributes to the professional atmosphere that should exist in a school;
  • School is not a recreational or social activity.  The appearance / clothing of our students should reflect the seriousness of the educational process;
  • What students wear and how they look speaks of the pride they take in themselves and Helias;
  • Respect for oneself and others is shown through personal appearance and neatness;
  • Abiding by the appearance code creates self-discipline.

With this in mind, Helias has a uniform dress code which lists specifically what may be worn to school.

General Points Applicable to All Students

  • Students are to be neatly dressed / well-groomed during the school day.  By definition, the school day begins when a student enters the building in the morning, so students are expected to be in compliance with the appearance code and are subject to being fined for violations before school.
  • Extremes in personal appearance are not permitted.
  • Decisions on the acceptability of student appearance will be made by the administration.
  • All clothing is to be modest, of proper fit, neat, clean, and worn as designed at all times.
  • Pants with patch pockets, rivets, frayed cuffs, holes, or split seams are not acceptable.
  • If an item of clothing is not mentioned herein as being allowed, it should not be worn.
  • Visible tattoos and jewelry in body piercings other than girls’ earrings are not permitted.
  • Undershirts/undergarments must be white and no printing on the t-shirts may be visible through the uniform shirt.
  • Hats/headwear may not be worn in the building.
  • Accessories (scarves, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Ink marks on the body are unprofessional, immature, and must be removed.  

The following items of clothing are provided by vendors selected by Helias.  All shirts, sweatshirts sweaters, jackets, and pullovers will have a Helias logo embroidered on the left chest and are purchased through Helias with payment expected at the time orders are placed.


  • Polo shirts in both long and short sleeves in navy, white, and sunflower.
  • Long sleeved button down collar dress shirts in white and light blue.  A tie may be worn any time with this shirt and students are encouraged to do so.
  • Either the polo or the button down collar dress shirt must be worn under the sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and pullovers described below.
  • All uniform shirts must be tucked in during school hours.

Sweaters & Sweater Vests

  • Navy blue V-neck pullover sweaters and sweater vests; heather blue cardigans.


  • Navy blue crew neck sweatshirts.


  • Girls may choose to wear a specific grey, navy, white, gold plaid skort/culotte available through Helias.  The skort must come within 3” of the top of the knee and may not be rolled at the waist to shorten the skort.


  • Prior to 2013 Helias Catholic had a designated warm-up jacket permissible for school wear.  That jacket is no longer available and should not be purchased elsewhere to wear at school.  However, students who own that jacket may continue to wear it for school.
  • Students may wear solid navy blue blazers to school.

All pants worn to Helias must be a khaki color and must have a dress pants look.  The material must appear pressed.  Pants that are manufactured to have a wrinkled look are not permissible.  Patch pockets (sewn to the outside), rivets, and any frayed material on the pants are prohibited.

Lands End

On the front page of the Helias website there is a tab for the Sader Shop.  When you click that tab you will see a link to Lands End Merchandise.  By clicking that link you will go to a specially designed webpage specific to Helias.  You simply enter the requested information, including the grade and gender of your child and you will see options that have been approved for school wear.  The site includes four school pants options for the boys and five for the girls, fleece jackets, fleece vests, half zip tops, crew sweatshirts, and several items (athletic shorts, pants, and jackets) appropriate for physical education classes but not approved for wear during the school day.  There is also a boys navy & gold stripe necktie.

If pants have belt loops a leather black or brown belt with no adornments must be worn.  Large/decorative belt buckles are not permitted.


  • black, brown, or cordovan smooth leather, sturdy dress shoes with closed heel and toe and substantial sole
  • leather deck shoes/topsiders that are primarily shades of brown with small amounts of other fabric are permitted

Shoes are to be kept clean and dress shoes polished.  Suede shoes, boots, and tennis shoes are not permitted.*

* If a student is injured and wearing tennis shoes is indicated, it may be approved for up to two days with a parental note brought to the business office.  Notes must be taken to the business office and approved before school.   If approved, the student will be given a tennis shoes permit which grants that permission or be subject to a dress code fine.  If tennis shoes are medically necessitated for a longer period of time, a note from a licensed healthcare provider will be required.  A new provider’s note and a written explanation of why the tennis shoes are necessary must be provided each quarter by those who need to wear them long term.  The excuse that orthotics do not fit in shoes deemed acceptable by Helias is invalid and will not be accepted.  Tennis shoes worn long-term as a result of a doctor recommendation must be black and must be in good condition in keeping with the dressier look of the Helias appearance code.

Boys and girls must wear matching socks which must be visible at all times.  Girls’ hosiery must be solid white, navy, or flesh-colored.  If a girl chooses the skort/culotte option, she must wear crew or knee length solid white or navy socks or hose.

Hair must be neat, clean, and combed.  The appropriateness of hair style and coloring will be determined by the administration.  Hair must be a natural hair color. Helias does not permit extremes in dyeing, bleaching or coloring. If the hair color is changed, it must be natural looking and well-maintained. Subtle highlighting or frosting is permitted, as long as it creates a uniform look over the whole head.  If a student’s hair color is deemed inappropriate, he/she is subject to an appearance code fine each day until the hair can be dyed back to an acceptable, natural color.

Boys’ Directives
When combed down, hair must be off the eyebrows; at least a portion of the ears must be visible; hair length in back may not overhang the collar.  That said, the style and texture of some hair could be acceptable by this definition and still not be in accordance with Helias’ expectations.  Those determinations will be made by the administration.

Hair must be neat, clean, trimmed and combed.  Ponytails or any type of head band are not allowed.    Unless special permission is granted by the administration to the contrary, students must be clean shaven, no beards or mustaches are allowed.  Sideburns may not extend below the ear lobe.  Jewelry must be simple and appropriate for school.  Earrings are prohibited, as are the studs which are worn when ears are newly-pierced.  Covering studs with tape or a band aid is not permitted.

Girls’ Directives
Hair must be neat, clean, and combed.  Jewelry must be simple and appropriate for school.  No more than two earrings are permitted in each ear.  Girls may carry purses/handbags only large enough to accommodate personal hygiene items, a calculator, and wallet.  Purses may not exceed 12” in length or 8” in height.  Large purses/bags must be left in the locker during the school day.

Penalties for Dress Code Violations
Students not in compliance with the dress code will be given a demerit and a $10 fine per offense. (see blue jeans and athletic shoes days below).   Students will not be permitted to attend class unless they are wearing appropriate clothing.  That may involve a phone call to parents to deliver appropriate clothing, a trip to the bookstore to purchase appropriate clothing which will then be billed to the student’s account, or, with parental and administrative approval, a student may be permitted to drive home to change.  Any class work missed while taking action to comply with the dress code is unexcused and the work missed, including tests, cannot be made up.  Students with facial hair will be required to shave before returning to class and will be charged $1.00 for the razor and shaving cream.  It is possible to receive multiple demerits simultaneously if in violation of two or more appearance code rules.

Dress Down/Blue Jeans & Athletic Shoes Days
The administration may designate a day as dress down and/or jeans & athletic shoes day.  Jeans may only be blue in color.  On such days only good, clean blue jeans may be worn.  No holes, tears, frayed bottoms, wide legged jeans or overalls are permitted.  A belt with a buckle must be worn if there are belt loops.  Athletic shoes must be clean and without holes.  “Athletic shoes” means exactly that; boots, other casual shoes, slippers, etc. are not permitted.  Visible socks are required.  Regular school shirts are required unless otherwise specified.  Under no circumstances may a shirt/top from another high school be worn.  For violation of the dress code on a blue jeans & athletic shoes day two demerits will be issued and the student loses his/her privilege of dressing in blue jeans and athletic shoes for the remainder of the school year.

The blue jeans & athletic shoes dress code is acceptable for summer school classes at Helias.